Public Speaking Perth

Transform your public speaking and business storytelling skills from ordinary to outstanding with the help of Speaking Savvy

Award-winning speaker and Certified World Class Speaking & Storytelling Coach, Lisa Evans MBA will show you how to make the best impression every time you speak.

Enhance your reputation and boost your confidence and credibility as a leader with the power of public speaking.

Great Leaders All Have One Thing In Common – They Are Great Communicators

One of the best ways to build your brand or business is through public speaking. It’s an essential part of your marketing toolkit.

Speaking at a conference or seminar is a uniquely powerful personal branding tool for you to get seen and noticed as a credible expert.  For many people even the thought of public speaking brings them out into a sweat but you can learn to speak with confidence and charisma and I can show you proven tools and strategies to help you nail your next presentation.

These days, it’s no longer enough to be an average speaker. You want to be able to get your message across with complete confidence so that people sit up and take notice.  The secret ingredient to many charismatic leaders today, is there ability to weave compelling stories into their presentations. Learn to unlock your storytelling powers to make your presentations entertaining and memorable.

Why be an ordinary speaker when you can be outstanding? Impress your audience with a powerful presentation in your unique speaking style. Invest in one-to-one coaching or training to take your speaking skills to new heights.

I will show you the essential elements to create a powerful pitch or presentation, using proven tools so you can deliver compelling and memorable executive presentations.

My clients have had some fantastic results in learning how to use the power of storytelling. Learn to make your presentations are fun, interesting and compelling.

World class Public Speaking  skills are essential in business today so, if second-rate performance is not an option, investing in public speaking coaching will help you influence and persuade key stakeholders.

We will work together to create, refine and deliver an engaging message that will captivate your audience.

You Can Become A Sought After Savvy Speaker

Everyone at some stage in their career will have to speak in public. You can either do it badly or you can do it well. Learn how to speak up and stand out with the help of a professional public speaking coach so that you can put your best foot forward. With persuasive public speaking skills, you can showcase your expertise and become known as the ‘go to’ person in your industry.

With one-on-one coaching or corporate training, I’ll show you how to expand the skills you already have, so you can move from boring to brilliant and boost your brand or executive presence by delivering a dynamic, credible presentation. Become a Savvy Speaker.

I will work with you to find your unique style so that you can be a genuine wholehearted speaker, one who captivates an audience of any size.  How can I help you? Contact me and let’s find out if we are a professional match.


Keynote Speaker

If you are seeking a dynamic and engaging keynote speaker I’d be happy to help you make your event a success. I offer a number of keynote speaking topics as well as break out and training sessions.  Find out more about my keynote speaking topics here 


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