Conversation Community Connection – The Power of Live Storytelling

Stories From The Heart Guest Blog By Jacqui Alder “Our life is a series of moments. These moments become our stories” Lisa Evans And so it was with the 4th Stories From The Heart event on the 27th November 2016 at Lazy Susan’s Comedy Den, where Lisa Evans gathered a full house of diverse souls for… Read More »

Sharing My Story How This Changed Me

  What I got out of the live storytelling event. A guest blog by Katrina Davy. I love to play with ideas that stretch me out of my comfort zone and so when Lisa Evans founder of Speaking Savvy asked for volunteers to tell stories at her Stories from the Heart live storytelling event, I… Read More »

Do you mumble? Articulate your words in public speaking

Can your audience understand every word? When you articulate your words as a public speaker, it is easy for the audience to hear and understand what you are saying, or do you mumble? Sometimes your words will lose their edges and sounds get dropped. If you are excited or nervous, you may speed up your speaking rate and in the process… Read More »