Ending your speech well when Public Speaking. Don’t Fizzle

By | May 6, 2016

Try not to fizzle out, the ending of your speech is important as the introduction or the body.

 There are some public speakers  who forget this fact and neglect to plan how they’ll concisely “wrap up” their speech. Consequently, they find themselves saying the same thing again and again, and leaving their audience members uninspired.
To make sure that the ending of your speech leaves the audience wildly applauding and not wondering “Is that it?”, then check that your ending has the following 4 elements:

Ending your Speech

Consider these 4 tips to end well.

Be Comfortable

You should be as familiar with the ending of your speech as you are with the beginning and body, make sure you practice the ending so that you can comfortably recall it sounding seamless and confident.

Be Concise

The ending of your speech should be short and to the point. There is no need to recap on all your points or to summarise.
All you need to do is to call back to your main message and drive home your call to action. Your ending should not be longer than the beginning.
Have you heard a speaker get a second wind at the end of their speech and introduce a whole new point?
It’s the same rule as writing, don’t introduce new information at the end, your purpose is to reiterate your main take away message.

Be Grateful

Just prior to your ending show gratitude by thanking your audience and the hosts. Many speakers will end on their thank yous. It’s a personal choice, I like to thank them just before I go into the final part of the speech. Why? because you want to leave your audience with something memorable. its good manners but Thank You is not the best in originality.

Be Available

Not technically part of your speech but don’t be a “speak and run” presenter. Stay around to talk to people and again thank them for listening to you. They may have questions or feedback for you and it’s a critical time to make a connection. You might be exhausted bu thang in there and serve your audience for a little longer, they will thank you for it.
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