11 October Public Speaking Training Workshop Perth


Powerful Public Speaking Skills to help you stand out from the crowd.  

Public Speaking and Business Storytelling Training Perth

Price $499 + GST

Being able to engage an audience any size with a captivating message that sticks in their minds, will inspire people to take action. 


With high-level presentation skills and business storytelling ability, you will have the tools you need to persuade with power and create the change you want to see. 


Wednesday 11 October 2017

9:30am to 4:30pm

Venue to be confirmed

Interactive full day workshop includes healthy lunch


  • Learn to create a compelling speech using a simple take away template.
  • Enhance your message with powerful nonverbal communication and executive presence.
  • Discover the secret to using storytelling as part of your business strategic narrative to leave a lasting impression and a deeper understanding of the shared vision.
  • Learn effective delivery techniques that allow you to connect, engage and influence and use your body to communicate the whole message.
  • Get instant feedback in a supportive environment by a certified speaker coach so that you will know where to focus your improvements.


Participants are encouraged to present a 5-minute talk to the group. Preparation materials (video) is sent out 2 weeks before the workshop. 
In a BONUS 1:1 coaching session, we will work together to boost your executive presence and refine your unique speaking style. If you have an upcoming presentation, you want to develop a powerful pitch message or you’d like some targeted analysis on your speaking skills, then the one on one session is your opportunity to maximize your learning.
Valued at $299 the BONUS 1:1 coaching session is included in the workshop price, as I want you to get the most out of our time together.

Lisa Evans, MBA is a Certified World Class Speaker Coach,  award-winning speaker, TEDx Speaker Coach and member of Professional Speakers Australia. 


** 1:1 session 60 mins to be used by 31 January 2018.

Product Description

Public Speaking Training Perth

Public Speaking and  Business Storytelling One Day Workshop facilitated by Public Speaking coach Lisa Evans:

INCLUDES 1:1 coaching online session

  • Learn to create a speech using a simple ABC formula.
  • Learn how to use your voice to add interest and enhance your message.
  • Find your authentic style and improve your executive presence.
  • Discover how to balance logic and emotion in your message so that people are moved to take action.
  • Learn to handle Q and A sessions effectively.
  • Find humour in your message and discover how storytelling can help you stand out from the crowd.
  • Learn how to use Powerpoint effectively to add value and avoid increasing “noise” to your presentation.
  • Apply techniques that add charisma to your speaking such as, body language, non-verbal cues and using your voice effectively.
  • Get instant feedback on your presentation style to help you identify your strengths what areas to improve.

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