30 August Public Speaking Training Workshop Perth


Powerful Public Speaking Skills to help you stand out from the crowd.  

Public Speaking Training Perth

Price $499 + GST

Being able to engage an audience any size with a captivating message that sticks in their minds, will inspire people to take action. 


With high-level presentation skills and business storytelling ability, you will have the tools you need to persuade with power and create the change you want to see. 


Wednesday 30 August 2017

9:30am to 4:30pm


Stirling Business Centre 45 Delawney Street Balcatta

Interactive full day workshop includes lunch


  • Learn to create a compelling speech using a simple take away template.
  • Enhance your message with powerful nonverbal communication and executive presence.
  • Discover the secret to using storytelling as part of your business strategic narrative to leave a lasting impression and a deeper understanding of the shared vision.
  • Learn effective delivery techniques that allow you to connect, engage and influence and use your body to communicate the whole message.
  • Get instant feedback in a supportive environment by a certified speaker coach so that you will know where to focus your improvements.


Participants are encouraged to present a 5-minute talk to the group. Preparation materials (video) is sent out 2 weeks before the workshop. 
In a BONUS 1:1 coaching session, we will work together to boost your executive presence and refine your unique speaking style. If you have an upcoming presentation, you want to develop a powerful pitch message or you’d like some targeted analysis on your speaking skills, then the one on one session is your opportunity to maximize your learning.
Valued at $299 the BONUS 1:1 coaching session is included in the workshop price, as I want you to get the most out of our time together.

Lisa Evans, MBA is a Certified World Class Speaker Coach,  award-winning speaker, TEDx Speaker Coach and member of Professional Speakers Australia. 


** 1:1 session 60 mins to be used by 10 December.

Product Description

Public Speaking Training Perth

Speaking and Storytelling One Day Workshop facilitated by Public Speaking coach Lisa Evans:

INCLUDES 1:1 coaching online session

  • Learn to create a speech using a simple ABC formula.
  • Learn how to use your voice to add interest and enhance your message.
  • Find your authentic style and improve your executive presence.
  • Discover how to balance logic and emotion in your message so that people are moved to take action.
  • Learn to handle Q and A sessions effectively.
  • Find humour in your message and discover how storytelling can help you stand out from the crowd.
  • Learn how to use Powerpoint effectively to add value and avoid increasing “noise” to your presentation.
  • Apply techniques that add charisma to your speaking such as, body language, non-verbal cues and using your voice effectively.
  • Get instant feedback on your presentation style to help you identify your strengths what areas to improve.

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