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It was a pleasure to review this book and to be taken on many different journeys of the heart by 16 courageous storytellers. I went to outback Australia, learned of bone-chilling health challenges and was filled with love and gratitude. The stories in this book made me laugh, moved me and inspired me to keep going and growing my own life stories. Whether you dip in and out for a shot of inspiration or indulge yourself in one long delicious session as I did, there is something in here for everyone.

– Tanya Gawthorne, Health Administrator, Facilitator and Coach


Funny and sad – you will smile, you will be teary, and you will relate to the feelings expressed, the incidents which happened, and the lessons learned. You may not have “been there, done that,” but someone close to you has.
Each story is different, told by different people at different stages of their lives, though they all have things in common. They share experiences and open up without fearing scrutiny, and every story ends with hope and a positive attitude.

– Claudette Pope, Writer and Editor

Having been a part of the Stories From The Heart from the very beginning, I have seen it grow and flourish into a beautiful community space where people bring forward stories that challenge, heal and move from the stage to the heart. A tremendous creation of Lisa Evans that builds from our core the humanity and humility of storytelling.
Ming Johanson, Social Media and Digital Marketing Expert, Radio Social Media Commentator and Advocate for Mental Health.









Product Description

A co-authored collection of 16 real and inspiring stories




The stories have all been told on stage at a Stories Form The Heart™ live Storytelling event.

All stories are real, raw and relatable. Ordinary lives. Extraordinary experiences.

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List of Authors

  • Lisa Evans
  • Leesa Hart
  • Rebecca Hannan
  • Kristy Ambrose
  • Amanda Lambros
  • Michele Alexander
  • Troy Hendrickson
  • Michelle Sandford
  • Fiona Jeanne
  • Jay Crisp Crow
  • Marlene Ward
  • Louise Kelly
  • Vida Carlino
  • Lynette Delane
  • Nichola Renton
  • Angie Paskevecius


Have you ever made a decision you regret?

Do you ask yourself the question what if?

Have you experienced self-doubt?

Are there adversities in your life that you have conquered?

If you can relate to some or all of the above then you will enjoy reading Stories from the Heart – Tales of Inspiration.

We are offering our stories to you to read and enjoy, to reflect and to think about the power of the human spirit, about the ups downs and twists and turns that make up the rich tapestry of life.

Part profits of this book will be donated to HeartKids, an Australian charity that helps families of children born with congenital heart disease.


Lisa Evans The Story Midwife


Lisa Evans is a Professional Speaker, Director of Speaking Savvy, Founder and Curator of Stories From The Heart, Author, Certified World Class Speaker Coach, TEDx Speaker Coach and Improv Actor with Perth Playback Theatre.


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