Storytelling Coaching Session


We all have stories worth sharing. Are you telling your stories? Learn to unlock the power of storytelling to make your next presentation memorable.

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Product Description

Discover the power of story with a one on one storytelling coaching session via Skype

Learn to mine, refine and deliver stories to enhance your business presentations and leave your audience with a memorable message.

Storytelling coaching will help you unlock your storytelling voice and take your speaking and presentation skills to new heights.

In this 1:1 virtual session you will learn:

  • How to find your stories and choose the right story for the right audience
  • How to refine your stories to deliver a powerful message.
  • How to deliver your stories in a way that connects and influences the audience
  • How to spice up ANY work presentation by adding the right mix of stories
  • How to effectively share your stories from the heart (no notes or slides)




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