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One-to-One Public Speaking Coaching

Are you an executive, entrepreneur or business owner?

Are you able to make an impact when you speak in public? Don’t settle for good enough, be the best that you can be.

 Whether you’re uncomfortable speaking in public and want to deal with the fear or you already have some skills but you’d like to become a high-performance presenter, one-to-one public speaking coaching will help you transform your speaking and communication skills.

I will show you how to leverage the power of business storytelling to take your business presentations to a new level and leave your audiences wanting more.

I’ll show you practical and proven ways to harness your unique speaking style and deliver your story with an impact so that your audience ‘gets it’.

During our initial consultation, we will determine the best way I can help you reach your goals. Even if you’ve struggled with speaking in the past, you can become a better speaker right away with 1:1 coaching by Professional Speaker and World Class Speaker Coach Lisa Evans.

I have helped hundreds of senior leaders with writing and delivering presentations or all kinds, from nailing a panel interview to accepting a national award, presenting a keynote at an international conference or stepping onto the TEDx stage.

Executive Public Speaking Coaching


If you want to make the best impression every time you speak, learning to leverage the power of public speaking can make all the difference in your professional life.

Executive speaker coaching is for business professionals who are in the spotlight whether it be in the boardroom or on the stage.

I can help you harness these presentation opportunities to best position you to articulately convert every speech you give into an opportunity.

With one-to-one coaching, together we build on your current skills and develop your unique style so that you can:

      •  Step up with confidence and speak with clarity, charisma and influence
      •  Own the stage with authority and presence
      •  Develop your style of authentic speaking and business storytelling
      •  Use effective non-verbal communication
      •  Open and finish with a bang, and add humour to your talks
      •  Add stories to your presentations for an entertaining and engaging presentation

Your investment starts with a complimentary consultation. We will work out a plan of customised one-to-one public speaking coaching that’s right for you. Sessions are delivered face to face or virtually. Contact me now to find out how we can work together to make your next presentation stand out.

Storytelling Coaching

Learn the Power of Business Storytelling

Stories connect us to others and allow us to reflect on our experiences and share valuable lessons learned. If you want to get your message across and make your data stick, add storytelling to create an emotional connection to give the audience meaning to what you say.

I have helped hundreds of academics, accountants, lawyers, IT consultants and engineers to add stories and metaphors to their presentations to make their message come to life. The results you will get are incredible.

Using storytelling helps you to connect on a deeper level and increases the level of engagement that you have in your presentation. Think about your own stories of success and failure, of dreams and aspirations and hope and helplessness. Your stories are unique and allow you to communicate as a leader with a core and a heart.

Would you like to grow your Business Storytelling skills?

Do you have stories you know are worth sharing but you are not sure how to get them out? Would you like to know how you can apply business storytelling to the work you do? I can help you find your inner stories and then craft, refine and deliver them in a way that is meaningful and memorable. Choosing the right story, for the right audience, at the right time is a great skill to have as a business leader.

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