Discover the power of effective presentations and harness the magic of storytelling, so you can captivate and motivate your audience to take action.

Lisa Evans will inspire and engage your audience with a presentation that is fun and energetic.

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My Story

My transformational public speaking journey began overnight when a virus destroyed most of my hearing. The nerves were damaged and I was told that there was nothing that could be done. It was one of those defining moments when life slammed on the brakes and sent me on a detour.

It was no longer practical to work in the area of neonatal intensive care and I left my 20-year career as a midwife.

A chance meeting with a leading expert in hearing technology led me to receive the gift of a cochlear implant as part of a research trial. Following the surgery I had a long journey of neural plasticity learning to retrain my brain to hear in a different way.

Over the past eight years, I have dedicated my time learning the art and science of public speaking and storytelling. I have transformed from a shy and reluctant speaker to one who can step up and shine on stage.

I have won many awards for public speaking and have been a TEDx speaker coach for the past four years. I am a member of Professional Speakers Australia and I have spoken at numerous conferences and events in Australia and overseas.

I work with leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs globally to help them create captivating presentations and harness the magic of business storytelling.

We all have stories to share and some of the most compelling stories are those told by ordinary people, living ordinary lives. It is through the power of storytelling that we can make an extraordinary impact with others.

In my previous career I helped bring new life into the world as a midwife. I continue to help people bring new life into the world this time in the form of stories. I’s known locally as The Story Midwife.

If you would like to energise your staff or audience with an entertaining, informative and authentic speaker and storyteller then I would love to serve you.

Here is what people have said about Lisa

“Lisa is a captivating speaker. She draws the audience in with poignant messaging and humour. Lisa doesn’t waste a single word and creates universal messages that reach the entire audience. Event planners and speaker selection committees can be confident that when booking Lisa as your speaker, your audience will leave with valuable life lessons they can act on immediately” – Diane Allen, Motivational Speaker and Speaker Coach

“Lisa has that ability to take us into her stories as if we are there. A heart of gold and a message we all need to be reminded of. She manages to mix a moving story with a great sense of humour making her audience think whilst simultaneously entertaining them” – Olivia Schofield, World Championship of Public Speaking Finalist and  Inspirational Professsional Speaker.

Speaking Topics

Public Speaking and Storytelling for Leaders.

Discover how to be a master communicator with effective presentation skills, enhanced with the magic of metaphor and storytelling. Read more...

Public Speaking and Storytelling for Leaders will provide you with tips, tools, and actionable strategies to take yout speaking skills to the next level.

Master communicators know how to translate complex technical data into a meaningful message, with imagination, energy and enthusiasm.

There are far too many ordinary presenters out there. I will show you how to go from ordinary to extraordinary so that you can leave a lasting impression on your audience.

By the end of the session the audience will discover and understand how to:

  • Create a compelling speech using a simple formula.
  • Enhance your message with powerful non-verbal communication.
  • Discover the secret of storytelling as part of your strategic narrative.
  • Use effective delivery techniques to engage, connect and influence.
  • Avoid the Pitfalls of PowerPoint and use effective visuals to enhance your message.
  • Find stories from everyday events and turn them into a compelling communication tool.

Public Speaking and Storytelling for Leaders can be tailored to suit your needs and can be delivered as a keynote, a breakout session or a full day interactive workshop.

Contact me to discuss your needs and how I may serve your audience.

From Information to Influence communicate with intent.

How to step up and speak out so that people take notice. Read more...

Ideal for anyone who would like to create a memorable impression. I will show you how holistic communication is the way to go, which means being “all in” with your style of communication and not sending mixed messages.

Most of the time, it is the small and subtle nuances we do with our body that gives away what we are really thinking and feeling and yet we focus most of our effort on the big things. Learn to be intentional with your communication and the meaning of your message.

Ideal for anyone wanting to create and maintain a successful brand, get known as a credible expert and inspire and influence those around them.

Personal power and influence are essential tools so that you can take control of your message, understand and be understood and above all to stand out and get noticed for all the right reasons.

Moving from information to influence will teach you how to make small simple changes that make a massive impact.

In this 45 – 60 minute presentation you will learn and understand:

  • Why personal power is your tool to compelling communication and getting the best out of yourself and those around you.
  • Compelling communication, what are the key ingredients and the importance of taking a sound check on where you are at and where you need to be. Take away some simple actions to propel your speaking and presentation skills.
  • How a love of listening will catapult your communications to a whole new level. You will get so much more out of your relationships with the power of “all in” listening.
  • How influence is the key to engaging, confident and authentic leadership, the style that inspires others to take action.

Stories from The Heart™ for Speaking Success.

Learn to unleash your inner storytelling prowess and learn the secrets of the great speakers with the magic of storytelling. Read more...


Stories From The Heart™ for Speaking Success will inspire, educate, and entertain your group on the power of using storytelling in your business presentations.

Lisa will share with the audience how to unlock their storytelling potential.

By the end of the full day session, the audience will discover and understand:

  • The importance of storytelling in business presentations.
  • The power of a well-told story and why it matters.
  • How to mine and refine your own “ordinary stories” using simple exercises.
  • How to uncover the right story, for the right audience at the right time.
  • Ways of capturing a bank of stories so that you have a story to fit any learning outcome or business setting.
  • How to present with confidence clarity and charisma so that people sit up and take notice.
  • Delivery techniques to bring your stories to life and captivate any audience.

This presentation can be tailored from half a day to 2 full days.

The participants will leave with actionable strategies and tools to become a better speaker and storyteller.

From Hearing Loss to Speaking Success.

My personal story of leaving my calling and finding my purpose. Sometimes the detours we are forced to take in life end up being the most scenic routes. Read more...

I’d like to inspire your audience with my personal story – From Hearing Loss to Speaking Success.

It is the story of how I was struck suddenly with a toxic virus that destroyed most of my hearing. Having to leave my career as a midwife (the only career I’d ever known), I embarked on a journey of transformation. Leaving my calling as midwife and eventually discovering my purpose as The Story Midwife™

A stint in a toxic workplace left me feeling low and worthless. A chance meeting with an expert in the field of hearing technology led me to receive the gift of a cochlear implant as part of a research trial.

This was the beginning of my transformational journey in learning to hear and speak again by retraining the brain to use the device.

Following a long period of rehabilitation which involved thousands of hours of listening and speaking, I developed an interest in public speaking and storytelling.

As a speaker coach, I work with people globally to empower them to use their voice to deliver memorable messages.

In this inspirational presentation, I will share with your audience how I went from my calling as a midwife to my purpose as a storyteller and what I learned along the way. I will leave your audience with a powerful message, that when life puts on the brakes and send you on a detour, that scenic route can become the best journey of a lifetime.

Speak out don’t freak out.


Speak Out, Don’t Freak Out is a one-hour presentation ideal for managers, emerging leaders and those wanting to build their personal brand and increase their presence with the power of public speaking and presentation skills.

The audience will leave with tips, tools, and actionable strategies to increase their confidence, understand the basic building blocks of creating a presentation and how to connect and engage with holistic speaking techniques.

Lisa Evans, MBA, award-winning speaker and World Class Speaker Coach will share her story of overcoming shyness and a significant hearing loss to becoming a speaking success.

By the end of the session the audience will discover and understand how to:

  • Embrace nervousness and use it to work in your favour
  • Plan, prepare and practice for a successful presentation.
  • Create a presentation from scratch using a simple framework
  • Avoid the Pitfalls of PowerPoint and use effective slides to enhance your message
  • Use non-verbal communication to make your message more powerful.

This session is usually 45-60 minutes or can be delivered as an interactive half-day workshop.