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By | October 3, 2016

Pure stories. Real, raw, relatable.

The success of Stories From The Heart live storytelling events is down to the wonderful people who are willing to stand in front of an audience and be their true authentic self. There are no slides, no notes and nowhere to hide!

Lisa Evans Stories From The Heart

You can hear a pin drop!

With soft lights and the flickering of a virtual campfire,  storytellers step up and share from deep within. This is pure storytelling at it’s very best. Real, raw and relatable.

While stories are shared you can hear a pin drop. You can feel the energy in the room. There are collective goosebumps, shared tears and infectious laughter, along with a deep sense of gratitude for those willing to share a tale of the self with such openness.

Then there is the audience. Those who have purchased a ticket and come along to simply listen and hold the space for others to share. By the end of the evening, many in the audience who came to watch are keen to share their story, the experience has a snowball effect.

Introducing Bass Tadros……

Stories From The Heart Bass Taros

From the moment I first spoke with Bass Tadros, I knew that he was a match for Stories From the Heart.  Although we hadn’t met in person, when I excitedly shared my vision of what Stories From The Heart is all about, Bass was undoubtedly excited too. It turns out we share values of contribution, authenticity and gratitude. I knew that he would be great for the event.

The essence of the story.

This is what Bass had to say about the night.

My story is about expressing the versatility and opportunities we have to adapt to the ever-changing lives that we face.

I was born in Egypt, and by the time I was 6 we had moved to Greece and then Cyprus. I learned to speak Greek and then at age 9, I moved to Australia. By the age of 10, I spoke 3 different languages and had lived in 3 different countries across continents. I learned to adapt very quickly. It is this experience at an early age that makes me who I am today.

The Stories from The Heart live storytelling event was a great night and I would encourage others to participate in future events. What I enjoyed most about the night,  was listening to all the other wonderful speakers who shared their heartfelt stories based on their lives. Stories of courage, resilience and family life.


I believe in living a life worth living. In doing what I love, and loving what I do. I live a life of contribution and being an authentic version of myself. We can all do this by being true to who are. Sharing your story is very much part of that so I hope you have the courage to share your story – Bass Tadros

Here is the video of Bass’s story – Adapt.



What’s your story?

Whether you are a story sharer or a story listener you will feel inspired, touched and empowered by the authenticity and genuine willingness to share with the people who come together to celebrate the power of storytelling. We all have stories worth sharing. What’s your story?


Lisa Evans is a professional speaker and storyteller and a Perth based Public Speaking Coach. When she is not inspiring others to step up on stage and share a story, she is coaching executives and leaders globally to be the best speakers they can be.

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