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By | July 26, 2016

A guest blog by Katrina Davy.

I love to play with ideas that stretch me out of my comfort zone and so when Lisa Evans founder of Speaking Savvy asked for volunteers to tell stories at her Stories from the Heart live storytelling event, I found part of me, the Adventurous One, yelling “Okay, let’s do this!!!”.

Stories From The Heart Speaking Savvy Katrina Davy

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I personally replied, “Really?” rather sceptically, but like all great adventures, we had already committed and it was too late to back out. Lisa had said yes, and so it was. This was not completely new territory for me, but it was the first time I’d wanted to perform my story and knew it intimately, in my body and heart.



I chose a very personal story to share – as a challenge to myself. It was also a social experiment. The experiment was to see if I upgraded the story about myself, would I feel different and act differently, based on the new version and upgrade.


Most people when talking about anxiety feel powerless, as that is how it is experienced. Or it is something to be overcome, conquered, or to be gotten rid of.


What if I did the opposite? Could I embrace anxiety and lovingly accept her, support her and grow with her by my side? And if this worked, would this help me deliver my story more powerfully?


Here is the five-minute video of my story so you can see what I’m talking about- and for those who want the cliff notes, well, I made Anxiety into a character and called her Anne- and I showed how by loving Anne that we can support each other to develop and change.



First of all, the challenge to myself to perform my personal story on stage was a success. Although I admit to nearly turning the car around on the way to the venue, I completed my challenge. (It did help that my friend was following behind me in her vehicle so I couldn’t really turn around and go home.)

And the social experiment for me demonstrated that yes, when I upgraded my narrative (the stories that we tell ourselves and others) to empower, support and love the heck out of myself, then indeed change is possible.

Now, this is not a gold standard double-blind study but as an anecdotal bit of data, THIS CHANGED MY LIFE!


Storytelling is a huge part of my life and I thank Lisa Evans of Speaking Savvy for allowing me to tell my story in front of such a loving, open and caring audience. Truly the people she attracts to events are very like-minded people, so you can trust that Lisa will support you to tell your best stories.


So yes, it takes daring and courage to tell stories in front of an audience. It helps to have a good WHY behind you. Why would you want to share in front of a crowd? I used my creativity, curiosity and my desire to grow to propel me forward. And honestly, if you don’t wanna share, that’s cool. Being in the audience can be just as inspiring and to be honest, a whole lot more comfortable. Whatever you do, if you like stories from the heart, get yourself along to Lisa Evans’ Stories From The Heart events.


Katrina Davy

Creative Adventurer

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Stories From The Heart live storytelling events are hosted by Lisa Evans of Speaking Savvy. A heart-filled space where people can come together and share a personal story. Powerful connections are made and transformations take place. Come along! It’s better than a night on the TV.  

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