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By | May 10, 2016

This guest blog is by Jo Saunders who attended the storytelling event and shared a pop-up story. Jo is a content marketing strategist who is driven by curiosity, ethics and fun.  She loves to demystify LinkedIn and marketing tools for herself and clients. 

Stories are how we connect and relate to one another.  Everyone has a story to tell with the power to touch the hearts of those who hear it.

Sharing real experiences; bravery, vulnerability, joy, achievement and even sadness is relatable and can entertain, and uplift the audience.

Stories From The Heart Live Storytelling Events, created by Lisa Evans, offers a safe and encouraging space where people can come together to experience the joy of live storytelling.

It’s about stepping up and giving it a go!  Whether as a Story Listener or a Story Sharer the benefit is mutual. Stories From the Heart events are held several times each year with ticket sales going to charity.

The beauty of this story telling event was the diversity in stories and the open-hearted sharing. We heard stories of doing something out of the comfort zone, tackling health issues, abuse, loss, love, and lessons learnt.

Lisa Evans Stories from the Heart Live storytelling

Story telling with Lisa Evans?

As a Public Speaking and Storytelling coach I help people use their voice as a powerful tool to share their stories to inspire and create change. For the past six years I have immersed myself in a transformational speaking and storytelling journey following  a defining moment which meant  I had to leave my past career as as a midwife and relearn, redefine and rediscover my purpose.

We all have stories to share and some of the most compelling stories are those told by ordinary people, living ordinary lives and through the power of storytelling making an extraordinary impact on others.”

Lisa was interviewed by Geoff Hutchison of 720 ABC Perth, listen courtesy of ABC720 here:

Why story telling?

Every person has a story and every story was varied and interesting and came from the heart. Everyone including pop up stories left you with an upbeat feel.” – Sharyn McCaskey

When a bunch of people come together to share their laughter and their pain miracles happen. We become aware of how similar we are and how we are joined together in this human experience. Stories connect and stories heal and that is exactly what I experienced at Stories From The Heart. Real people telling real stories of joy and stories of pain and vulnerability! When people connect in this way healing takes place, connections are formed and courage and love wins the day! Thank you Lisa for creating this wonderful event and for creating this nurturing, healing and loving space for us.” – Salome Schillack

What was lovely, was that everyone in the room was present, which is a mean feat in today’s digitally distracted world.  The stories were short and full of passion, which meant there was no time to check your Facebook messages.  There were a few photos taken to celebrate the moments, but when each person had the stage, the audience were captivated, as each speaker revealed a bit of their heart and soul.

Why share a personal story with a group of people?

Sharron Attwood said yes to sharing her story because “the idea was a little scary – and I needed to shake things up.  The event was a great showcase for the different ways to tell a story – and it certainly showed me how I connect with stories as I already knew the story tellers though my business networks – but had not heard them share stories this way.   I’m used to speaking on my area of expertise in business – so went all in and shared a story about one of my children. I was nervous about the content and my ability as a story teller – but I must say – when it was done – I just wanted to do it again!”

We often get to know people through different aspects of life, but through sharing personal stories, we can connect on another level, which equally applies to our professional relationships.

Sharron explains “I have a new found understanding of how sharing stories connects us – and I am looking to incorporate a lot more story telling in my presentations from here on in. The format and rigid timeframes made for a great event – and I’m looking forward to attending again – as a listener and appreciator of stories.”

Jenish Pandya said “Speaking at the event that Lisa put together was a really great experience, it provided a safe space to share my story and convey my message in a way that made a difference.”

I was so touched and moved by the beautiful stories I heard at Lisa’s World Story Telling Event. I couldn’t help but raise my hand to share a story at the next event- and you’ll learn why this is surprising and unexpected when you hear my story.” – Katrina Davy

Proceeds are donated to charity

Everyone speaking and attending the event became part of a bigger movement. The inaugural event raised over $600 for which was invested in a project to buy farming equipment for a group of Cambodian women. is a micro lending organisation that provides loans to members of third world communities so they may set up or grow a business.  It really is the gift that keeps on giving which is the same principle of the gift of a story is.

The next event on 8 June event will support and on the 8 September there will be a Men’s Edition of Stories from the Heart to raise funds for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

The vision for Stories From the Heart is to continue to reach out and touch the heart of another with the gift of a story. In addition, Stories From the Heart founder Lisa Evans offers Storytelling workshops for executives and entrepreneurs, 1:1 story coaching as well as facilitated live storytelling sessions for community groups and corporates

To become a better storyteller you first need to become a story catcher

How many hidden story gems are just below the surface, that have powerful, transferable messages in perceivably ordinary things? Adding stories to your speaking or training to communicate your message in a more powerful way.
Read Jo Saunders article on LinkedIn.


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