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Live Storytelling – What’s Your Story?

A Celebration of Live Storytelling On 20 March we celebrated World Storytelling Day in Western Australia. At the same time, Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and the first day of Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere,  storytellers from all over the globe gathered to share stories and over 20 countries took part in various  events globally. I hosted… Read More »

Voice Care When Public Speaking

Voice warm ups are an essential part of your routine and voice care when Public Speaking You wouldn’t play a round of golf or do a fitness class without warming up your muscles, speaking is no different. Before any speech, do some simple warm up exercises as well as practice your articulation. World Voice Day… Read More »

Why introverts can be great at public speaking

Yes, it’s true. Introverts make great public speakers. I am a self proclaimed introvert and proud to be so. In my younger days, I would work hard at putting on an extroverted show as that is how I thought others  expected me to behave. I became a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  It was exhausting. I… Read More »

Public Speaking Poker Face

A poker face, whilst useful in a card game won’t do much to communicate your ideas in a genuine heart-felt way. You need to consider your facial expressions to convey your thoughts and emotions.  It comes naturally when we are having a conversation, but once in the spotlight for many it can become awkward, misread… Read More »