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Competitive Public Speaking what I have learned

Competitive Public Speaking in Toastmasters That’s a lot of trophies! There are more in boxes. You may be thinking, so what! or you may be thinking – good on her for having a go.  I’ve observed that for some people who compete in Toastmasters contests, it can become “all about the trophy”. I recently competed in two… Read More »

Can you afford to have poor Public Speaking Skills?

Having world class public speaking skills is a must. In today’s competitive world, public speaking skills are highly regarded. It’s no longer a “nice to have”. If you want to connect, engage and influence, you have to be the best speaker you can be. Whether it’s one to few or one to many, if you want… Read More »

Stories From The Heart Living a Life of Authenticity

Pure stories. Real, raw, relatable. The success of Stories From The Heart live storytelling events, is down to the wonderful people who are willing to stand in front of an audience and be their true authentic self. There are no slides, no notes and nowhere to hide! You can hear a pin drop! With soft… Read More »

Stories From The Heart – A Chance Encounter

Stories From The Heart Captures The Essence Of The Human Spirit Real. Raw. Relatable. Every storyteller who steps up on stage at a Stories From The Heart event, does so with a genuine willingness to share and connect with the power of stories. There is an incredible energy in the room as the stories are… Read More »

Public Speaking For Technical People

Talk to the human or a how to on Public Speaking for Technical People To be able to get ahead in your career, it’s important to be able to articulate your message clearly and concisely in a way that engages an audience. This can be a  challenge if you are  presenting technical information to a non-technical… Read More »

Make your audience feel valued. They are the most important part of your story

Are you listening? Have you ever been at a networking event having a conversation with someone, and they are looking over your shoulder to see who else more interesting may be around? As a public speaker, I have a fascination for the way people communicate and I often observe this happening. It’s incredibly rude! of… Read More »

Competitive Speaking Toastmasters Evaluation Contest District Final

Evaluation Competition Toastmasters For those reading who are not part of Toastmasters, there are four main categories in the competitions that take place over the course of a year -International Speech, Humorous Speech, Table Topics and Evaluation. There are progressive levels in the competition starting out at the club level.  The winner gets to progress from… Read More »

Public Speaking Tools – Eye Contact

The eyes are the windows to the soul   You are all set for your upcoming presentation. You know what words you are going to say, your slides are ready, you have decided what to wear,  you have warmed up your voice, but don’t forget about your eye contact. The way you use your eyes when… Read More »

10 Must Read Public Speaking Books

I love books! Especially Public Speaking Books I have so many books that it is hard to pick 10. These public speaking books are the ones I tend to go back and refer to.   Here are 10 of my favourite Public Speaking Books Presentation Zen Garr Reynolds If you are “over” Powerpoint presentations then… Read More »

Storytelling – the view from the audience

‪This guest blog is by Jo Saunders who attended the storytelling event and shared a pop-up story. Jo is a content marketing strategist who is driven by curiosity, ethics and fun.  She loves to demystify LinkedIn and marketing tools for herself and clients.  Stories are how we connect and relate to one another.  Everyone has… Read More »