Here are some attendees of Public Speaking and Storytelling For Leaders.

Without a doubt, Lisa’s storytelling workshop is one of the best investments that I have made on myself recently.
I have learned some valuable storytelling lessons that will guide me through my storytelling passion and interests.
This is not a workshop where you’re being forced to be someone you’re not, but instead, discover the stories that already exist and live inside us.

I honestly feel so grateful for her and her passion for storytelling and the lessons that she shared.
I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is ready to have some fun and be surrounded by loving and supportive people. Once you have a framework on how to bring stories out of you and you believe with conviction – is when you can feel confident to share the stories that live inside us!

Ai-Mei Nguyen

Lisa presented a Presentation Skills seminar to HLB Mann Judd clients and contacts in Oct 2017 and was one of the highlights of the firm’s busy events programme. During her presentation, Lisa clearly and succinctly (and entertainingly!) conveyed all the necessary elements and common pitfalls regarding public speaking and storytelling to a captivated audience. The feedback from all attendees was overwhelmingly positive, making it clear that Lisa is an expert in the field of public speaking. Thank you, Lisa!

Testimonial by Richard Calautti, Marketing Manager HLB Mann Judd

Powerful messages can be brought out by storytelling and having a strong personal brand. Lisa Evans’ coaching style helped me achieve my best at TEDxPerth 2017. I thought that I knew how to talk and present, and I am usually passionate about what I talk about, but Lisa helped me take it to another level and not be self-conscious about it. Lisa helped to make sure that I was telling my story so that the audience was immediately engaged and wanted to hear more, right through to a strong ending. Thanks so very much, Lisa, for all your help, which will stay with me the rest of my life and makes me regret that I didn’t have this coaching much earlier in my life.

Testimonial by Charlie Bass CEO, CERI

For the International Association of Mathematical Geoscientists 2017 conference, Lisa Evans gave an excellent talk on how to build confidence for public speaking, which is extremely important for the early career researchers. She engaged the audience so well that everyone in the room eventually became part of the talk. Her professional presentation skills and her positive energy was transmitted to the audience. I strongly recommend that mining companies and institutions participate in her seminars to gain public speaking skills.

Oktay Erten Conference Chair International Association of Mathematical Geosciences 2017

Oktay Erten

I recently attended the one day Public Speaking and Business Storytelling workshop run by Lisa Evans of Speaking Savvy.

The course is well structured with highly engaging group activities. The learning outcome of the course is outstanding: I am now able to apply business storytelling to different groups of stakeholders and deliver with unshakeable confidence.

Lisa has a very authentic and engaging presentation style. Her teaching method is easy to understand and there are lots of practical techniques. I highly recommend Lisa as a professional speaker and public speaking coach.

Lincoln Pan, MBA – Accountant

Lincoln Pan

What I learned from the Business Storytelling workshop helped my business presentations in many ways.

Storytelling skills has improved my presentation style.
I now have a structure to my presentations, no not, tell them what you are going to tell them, tell it to them. Now my structure follows like a story; builds up the subject, has a salient point and calls the audience to action.

I now evoke emotions, I am animated, and I vary my vocal tone and pitch. I am more audience focused and what information I can give them rather than being fearful of them and concentrating on my fears of speaking.


Godfrey Baronie Coaching Client

Lisa Evans Speaking Savvy Testimonial Jergen Streit

Put the Power Back into PowerPoint Testimonial

Lisa Evans-Speaking-Savvy-Testimonial-Angie-P-storytelling

Angie Pascevicius Storyteller and Public Speaker

Lisa Evans Speaking Savvy Testimonial Rebecca Hannan

Rebecca Hannan Workshop Participant and Storyteller

‘I contacted Lisa for Pubic Speaking Coaching to assist with the development of a particular presentation that was a new topic area for me. Lisa was able to guide me through a structure to use that made it easier to capture my key messages for the presentation as well as provide useful tips to  engage the audience. Lisa is an expert at how to deliver messages in a way that is interesting, targeted to the audience and memorable. I would recommend Lisa to anyone who wants to develop professional presentations that work for their audience’.

Angie Pascevicius testimonial


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