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Effective leaders are influential communicators.

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How can a public speaking coach & trainer help you?

Public speaking is an essential part of your personal brand and marketing strategy. If you can speak with confidence and share a message that will be remembered, then you will win more business.

With world class public speaking and business storytelling ability, your credibility as an expert and thought leader in your field will stand out.

I help leaders as their public speaking coach & trainer to create powerful presentations with compelling business stories, so that they can confidently share what they know, grow their businesses, and make a difference with a message that sticks.

Why be an ordinary speaker when you can be extraordinary? Whether it’s the podium, the boardroom, or in front of a camera, having a professional speaker and certified speaking and storytelling coach by your side will get you results.

Business Storytelling is a powerful communication tool

Are you ready to increase your credibility as a leader with high-impact public speaking and business storytelling skills?

When you master the skills of public speaking and business storytelling, you will communicate with impact and influence.

Create your keynote or TEDx talk

Have you been selected to be a keynote speaker? As a public speaking coach & trainer I can help you create and deliver a talk that will help you stand out as a keynote speaker. I am not only a public speaking coach & trainer, I am an international keynote speaker and I understand the world of conference speaking so you will be in experienced hands. I’ll show you how to create and deliver an unforgettable presentation.

Book Lisa Evans to speak at your next event.

Are you are looking for dynamic keynote speaker or conference speaker for your event?  I am a Professional Member of Professional Speakers Australia. I offer a range of keynote speaker topics, conference breakout sessions or masterclasses.

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