Public Speaking and Business Storytelling for Leaders


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Public Speaking and Business Storytelling for Leaders

Public Speaking with Confidence. Make an Impact.

Effective leaders are influential communicators.

Do your leaders have the skills to move the room to action?

Public Speaking Courses and Training | Virtual Training and Online Coaching

Are you ready to speak with greater confidence, authenticity, and influence? Are you ready to create real, lasting change with your message?

I can help you cultivate immediate and authentic impact when you speak.

Public speaking is an essential part of your personal brand and marketing strategy. If you can speak with confidence and share a message that will be remembered, then you will win more business.

With world class public speaking and business storytelling ability, your credibility as an expert and thought leader in your field will stand out.

I offer a range of public speaking courses and training sessions to help you create powerful presentations with compelling business stories, so that you can confidently share what you know, grow your businesses, and make a difference with a message that sticks. All of my public speaking and communication programs are available as a virtual training session.

Future Leaders Speaker Success is a new program for 2020. If you would like to host this program for your Future Leaders then let’s chat. 

Why be an ordinary speaker when you can be extraordinary? Whether it’s the podium, the boardroom, or in front of a camera, having a professional speaker and certified speaking and storytelling coach by your side will get you results.

Build credibility, create authentic connections, and communicate with impact

Public speaking coach in Perth and virtually. If you want to grow your brand, win more business and make a difference with your message, then working with an experienced public speaking coach will fast-track your results and help you become confident, credible and memorable when you speak.

If you are a leader ready to stand out with high-impact communication, we can work together to create powerful presentations, and develop your public speaking, presentation skills and business storytelling ability. We can tailor a package to suit your needs with one to one coaching or public speaking courses and training.

Having a Certified World Class Speaker Coach and Professional Speaker by your side will transform your communication. 

Whether it is the boardroom or the podium, in front of  a camera or on stage, I can work with you to craft and deliver a stellar presentation.

The power of storytelling builds trust, empathy and moves people to action

Are you ready to increase your credibility as a leader with high-impact public speaking and business storytelling skills?

Master the art and science of business storytelling to carve out your position as an industry expert, who can entertain, inspire and inform your audiences. You’ll discover how to communicate complexity using the power of story and a memorable and meaningful message.

When you master the skills of confident public speaking and business storytelling, you will communicate with impact and influence. If you are keen to find out how a business storytelling course will benefit yourself or your team, then let’s chat. 

Create your keynote or TEDx talk

Have you been selected to be a keynote speaker? As a public speaking coach and  trainer, I can help you create and deliver a talk that will help you stand out as a speaker. As well as being a Certified Public Speaking and Storytelling Coach, I am a Keynote Speaker, Author, Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner (NLP), Graphic Recorder and Improvisation Actor.  With my 20 plus years as a health professional including ten years in project management, you will be in good hands. My style is encouraging and nurturing and together we will get the results you want.

Are you ready to get started on your unforgettable presentation?

Book Lisa Evans as your virtual keynote speaker

Are you are looking for a dynamic keynote speaker or conference speaker for your event?  I offer a range of keynote speaker topics, conference breakout sessions or masterclasses.

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