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Speak With Impact: Be Heard, Be Memorable

Unlock the power of speaking with clarity and conviction. Don’t let your message get lost in the noise. Discover the art of impactful communication and become a memorable speaker who captivates and influences.

Whether you’re a leader addressing your team or presenting to stakeholders, mastering the skills of leadership communication is essential. Elevate your leadership presence and inspire others with your words. It’s time to make your voice heard, leave a lasting impression, and lead with confidence.

When you speak, do others listen? Or do you sometimes feel that your ideas are not heard and maybe it’s because you are not able to speak with clarity and conviction?

Speak with Power and Authority: Your Journey to Leadership Influence

Having a fear of public speaking and a lack of confidence can seriously hamper your career success.

For organisations, the cost of poor presentations is not only in lost potential business, but also in reduced productivity and possible damage to your brand.

What if, instead, you could step up every time you speak with rock solid confidence and a powerful message?

Imagine stepping up to speak with an air of calm confidence; fully focussed and present in the moment, and your message delivers a lasting impact on an attentive audience.
My public speaking classes will set you up for success, and as your coach, I will guide you from fearful reluctance to powerful confidence.

Drawing on my twenty-year calling as a midwife, my style is nurturing and inclusive, and I’m considered a trusted advisor by my clients, who are often in the spotlight, on conference stages, in the board room, or on camera.

I bring a wealth of expertise as a speaker, facilitator and coach, to empower those I work with, ensuring their voices are heard and their presence exudes confidence, credibility and poise.

Ready to amplify your presence and harness the power of effective communication?

Elevate your voice, command the stage, and make a lasting impression in the boardroom, on stage, and on camera. 

Together, we’ll unlock your full potential as a communicator and ensure your message resonates with confidence, credibility, and poise. 

Contact me today to embark on a transformative journey towards influential leadership and impactful communication.

I am based in Perth and offer in-person, in-house or on-site public speaking courses, presentation skills workshops, and business storytelling coaching. If you prefer a live online experience, I can deliver training and coaching anywhere in the world via virtual studio.

Attend an event, workshop, or coaching session with me and I’ll plant a tree for you! 🌳 Together, let’s grow a greener future. Your attendance nurtures not just your skills but the planet too! 🌍 Thank you for helping me make a lasting impact on our planet. 🌱

Public speaking coach - Lisa Evans Perth Speaker

Benefits of attending Speaking Savvy public speaking courses

  • Valuable presentation formula template to keep
  • Small group workshops with coaching feedback
  • Skills learned are relevant to any industry
  • Boost your career opportunities and stand out from your peers
  • Delivered by an experienced and certified professional speaker
  • Reach your potential with confident public speaking abilities.

Leaders Coached

Public Speaking Courses Delivered

Participants Attended

 ‘Lisa, not sure how you have done this, but I have turned a corner with public speaking. I’m no longer strangled by panic, and I now have a clear message. Thank you so much. You are a true master of this craft.’

Brian – Mining Executive, Perth

Why be an ordinary speaker when you can be extraordinary?

Ordinary speakers fade into the background, easily forgotten amidst the noise. But as an extraordinary speaker, you have the ability to rise above the rest and leave an indelible mark on your audience.

Elevate your speaking skills to new heights by mastering the art of storytelling, honing your delivery techniques, and captivating listeners with your authentic presence.

With every word you speak, you have the opportunity to create an extraordinary experience that resonates deeply and inspires lasting change.

With confident public speaking and business storytelling skills, your credibility as an expert in your industry will grow strongly.

After training thousands of satisfied professionals, I am confident that when you attend one of my public speaking courses, you too will learn the skills that will elevate your ability to speak in public. I back this confidence with a money-back guarantee.

You’ll discover how to deliver a powerful and memorable presentation, as we work together. So, whether you’re speaking from the stage, in the boardroom, or in front of the camera, you’ll make a commanding impact that inspires confidence and encourages action.

Public speaking course - Lisa Evans Perth Speaker

‘Public speaking makes me anxious but Lisa helped ease my worries so that I could bring my best self on stage. I felt supported to share my story. I was scared before – I no longer am!’

Brendan Pang, owner at Bumplings, Perth

Public speaking courses

Host a customised session for your team, or join a small group workshop. Highly practical, engaging and applicable.  

Business storytelling

Discover the art and science of storytelling with a customised workshop, or a facilitated Leadership Story Share™

Public speaking coach

Work with Lisa as your coach and enhance your public speaking skills in a single session.

Partnering with leaders to empower them to speak with clarity and authenticity 

Hi, I’m Lisa Evans and I am one of Australia’s leading Certified Public Speaking and Storytelling coaches. I have been educating and coaching people for more than 30 years. I continually reinforce my coaching and teaching skills with actual experience in speaking on stage, on camera, and in front of the microphone as a podcast host and radio presenter.

I am convinced that I can empower you to master public speaking with persuasive confidence. I can equip you with the tools and self-belief to make you stand out from your peers. I’ll show you how you can appear natural and authentic, cultivate executive presence, and help you defeat your greatest enemy – your self-doubt

Through my 1:1 coaching, public speaking courses and customised training programs, you’ll discover how to communicate complexity using a proven structure, augmented by the power of metaphor and story.

When you can speak in public with confidence, and deliver a compelling message you will enhance your career progression and doors will open for you.

Public speaking - Lisa Evans Perth Speaker

‘I just wanted you to know that consistently, I bring myself into my Ring of Power and it works every time to calm my nerves. That’s a pretty amazing turnaround from how nervous I was before.’

Senior Leader, Resources Industry

Why choose Speaking Savvy Public Speaking Courses?

1000’s of satisfied clients
Money Back Guarantee
Certificate of Course Completion
Highly Engaging and Practical
Course Designed and Delivered by ICF accredited Certified Public Speaking Coach
Follow Up Support
Optional 1:1 Coaching
Optional training anywhere in the world via my virtual studio

‘In the lead-up to my TEDx talk, Lisa was able to provide insightful advice on my script
while encouraging me to develop my own voice.’

Jessica, Lawyer, Perth

Limited Offer

Enrol in a course and receive a bonus audio relaxation track ‘Speak with Confidence’

Some of the clients I have worked with include:

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