Public Speaking and Business Storytelling for Leaders


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Public Speaking and Business Storytelling for Leaders

Public Speaking for leaders who want to make an impact

How often do you move the room to action when you speak?

Are you delivering your message with the clarity, authenticity and influence that creates real, lasting change whenever you step up to the microphone? 

Effective leaders are influential communicators who speak with confidence. So whether you’re an emerging leader or an established one, if you want to make an impact, public speaking is an essential skill. 


Public speaking that builds trust, engagement and influence.

 As a Certified World Class Speaker Coach, I’ve taught over a thousand  leaders how to cultivate immediate and authentic impact when speaking in public. And I’d love to help you too.

You can learn to speak with the confidence and charisma that makes others want to listen. Attend one of my public speaking courses, request customised training or work with me 1:1. 

I have the flexibility to present online or face-to-face.

 ‘Lisa, not sure how you have done this, but I have turned a corner with public speaking. Instead of worrying about it and being strangled by nerves/panic, I can now start to try and perfect this art form.Thank you so, so much. You are a true master of this craft.’

Brian – Mining Executive, Perth

Why be an ordinary speaker when you can be extraordinary?

When you develop confident public speaking and business storytelling skills, your credibility as an expert and thought leader in your industry will grow.

You can draw on my expertise as a professional speaker and certified speaking and storytelling coach through my public speaking courses and training. You choose the method of delivery that suits you best, from virtual online training to face to face – in a group or one-to-one.

When we work together, you’ll discover how to deliver powerful and memorable presentations. So, whether you’re speaking from the stage, in the boardroom, or in front of a camera, you’ll make an impact that inspires action. 

 ‘Public speaking makes me anxious, however, Lisa helped ease my worries and shared with me some powerful knowledge on bringing out my best self on stage. I felt supported to share my story and although I was scared before – I no longer am!’

Brendan Pang, owner at Bumplings, Perth

Build credibility, create authentic connections, and communicate with impact

I’m Lisa Evans, a Certified World Class Speaker Coach and Professional Speaker. I’m based in Perth, Australia and have over 10 years’ experience as a keynote speaker at conferences and events around the world.

I help leaders who are ready to stand out with high-impact communication to deliver a memorable and meaningful message. Through my 1:1 coaching, public speaking courses and customised training programs, you’ll discover how to communicate complexity using a proven structure, as well as the power of metaphor and story.

By developing public speaking, presentation or business storytelling skills, you’ll establish yourself as an industry expert who can engage, inspire and inform your audiences. 

‘I just wanted you to know that consistently, every presentation now I bring myself into my Ring of Power and it works every time to calm my nerves. That’s a pretty amazing turnaround from how nervous I was before.’

Senior Leader, Resources Industry

Awards and Certifications

Create your keynote or TEDx talk

Have you been asked to deliver a presentation? As a Certified Public Speaking Coach and trainer, I can help you create and deliver a talk that will make you stand out as a speaker. 

You’ll experience training developed from my broad skillset as a Storytelling Coach, Keynote Speaker, Author, Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner (NLP), Podcast Host and Improvisation Actor. My style is engaging, encouraging and nurturing, so we’ll work together to help you find your voice and present with confidence.

‘I really appreciated coaching with Lisa in the lead-up to my TEDx talk. Her wealth of experience was clear, and she was able to provide simple but really insightful advice on finalising the script
while encouraging me to develop my own voice.’

Jessica, Lawyer, Perth

Ready to take your Public Speaking to a higher level?

View my range of public speaking and business storytelling courses and training programs. Or get in touch today to ask about customised coaching.

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