We are all a work in progress. Success and failure go hand in hand. They are not mutually exclusive and it is in those mistakes that the best lessons are learned. 

In this episode, we are joined by Rob Hartnett, author of It’s All Possible. He shares with us his Four-Step Possibility System towards success and  the three parts of action towards success. We delve into tangible steps to take to climb our own mountains and reach our version of success.

Remember, no one on the earth needs you to be small. If you think bigger and play bigger, you are able to impact more people and make a difference. 

“Be naive enough to start, but stubborn enough to finish.”

Time Stamps:

  • The human nature side of success (2:40)
  • We are all a work in progress (2:50)
  • Your attitude to failure is important (3:20)
  • Top three things one must have to achieve success (3:45)
  • Questioning your desires (4:30)
  • Top three things teams must have to achieve success (5:11)
  • There are seasons to work hard and seasons to relax (7:00)
  • Creating a dream delivery team (7:14)
  • Knowing how to let go to grow your business (8:40)
  • Identify what you are good at and not good at (9:13)
  • Four-Step Possibility System (9:44)
  • Attitude and mindset (10:25)
  • No one needs you to be small (10:50)
  • Detailed vision of success (11:11)
  • Strategy towards success (11:50)
  • The Champion Mindset (12:09)
  • Three parts of action towards success (12:12)
  • Learning to say No with elegance (14:14)
  • WIN: What’s Important Now (14:40)
  • Detoxing from social media (15:10)
  • Time management and productivity tools (16:25)
  • Getting your systems and processes sorted in your business (18:35)
  • Systemizing to sell your business (19:03)
  • Five questions to ask yourself (20:30)
  • Happiness is having someone to love, something to do, and something to look forward to (23:19)
  • The strength of journaling (25:00)
  • Asking yourself how you will measure your success (29:06)
  • Happiness is feeling pleasant a good deal of the time (30:30)
  • Be naive enough to start but stubborn enough to finish (30:59)

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About Rob Hartnett

“I believe in the potential for people to change, for things to be better and, above all, that anything is possible.”

Rob Hartnett has spent his whole life realising potential. In sport, he became a World Champion sailor. In business, Rob enjoyed success with Apple, Hewlett Packard, Publicis Mojo and Miller Heiman Group. 

In academia, he graduated with a Bachelor of Business and a Postgraduate degree in Applied Finance and Investment before undertaking further professional development becoming a certified DISC facilitator and advisor, and appointment as an independent Executive Director in Leadership with the John Maxwell Team.

A regular contributor to media including Sky News, Yahoo! Finance, Kochie’s Business Builders and Bread TV, Rob is also the author of five books, including “It’s All Possible” which is now a successful podcast and “My Daily Journal”.

For more information, please visit robhartnett.com