If you want to be successful in business, you want to be of service. Although it sounds simple, a lot of businesses fail because they are not able to provide the level of service they promise or what their customers expect. 

Join us in this episode as we chat with one of Australia’s recognized thought leaders on service design, customer experience, and relationship marketing, Graham Harvey. We delve into service in business, what works and what doesn’t in business today.

Happy customers lead to more revenue, growth, and sustainability for your business. The reason we are here is to be of service to one another.

Time Stamps:

  • Nothing as after-hours in the service industry (4:03)
  • What is servant leadership? (5:18)
  • The biggest barrier between modern business (9:56)
  • Business is about relationships (13:35)
  • Customer service excellence starts in the boardroom (16:35)
  • Longevity in business (33:46)

Resources Mentioned


  • “Do the work. There’s no shortcuts in life”

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About Graham Harvey

Graham Harvey is Recognised as one of Australia’s thought leaders on Service Design, Customer Experience and Relationship Marketing. In 2018, Graham received the Nevin Award and was inducted into Professional Speakers Australia’s Hall of Fame.

Graham’s personal mission is “to inspire & coach business organisations to design cultures of service excellence & deliver standout customer experiences.”