Being a business owner means having the flexibility to choose your own hours. But this doesn’t mean that you should continually work excessive hours just because you can.

As a business owner, and particularly for solopreneurs, you wear all the hats – from finance, to marketing, and sales. It can quickly become overwhelming.  

In this episode, I speak with Ming Johanson, founder of Marketing Jumpstart, and media commentator on technology and social media. She shares her top online tools, business tips, and hacks to boost your productivity and find your flow in business.

Time Stamps:

  • Digital and social media overwhelm (4:19)
  • Tech hacks for email management (5:15)
  • Scheduling tools for your business (8:10)
  • Project management tools (10:40)
  • Content creation tips (12:43)
  • Outsourcing tips (20:49)
  • Managing your digital reputation (25:40)

Resources Mentioned


  • Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow. – Robert Kiyosaki

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About Ming Johanson
Ming Johanson has spent the past 10 years refining the art of social media, digital marketing and business strategy, positioning herself as the industry leader for social media marketing in Perth. She is a technologist at heart and the winner of the Women in Technology Tech + 20 Awards.

She is a media commentator on technology and social media, a community leader in the technology sector, and a mental health ambassador for R U OK?