Having an online presence is essential for your business. 

But it’s not enough to just post content online. In order to really leverage social media to grow your online reputation, attract leads, and gain clients, focusing on SEO is the way to go.

In this episode, we chat with Karen Dauncey, digital marketing consultant and Managing Director of Blue Cherry Online Marketing and Founder of The SEO School. She shares her tips and tools for being found on Google through SEO strategies. 

If you’re ready to level up your SEO game, this episode is for you. 

Time Stamps:

  • How we think like Google (4:45)
  • Google ads (8:00)
  • Organic reach (9:45)
  • Tips to strengthen your website’s SEO (12:45)
  • The problem with duplicated content (18:40)
  • On-page SEO, backlinks, and content marketing (20:50)

Resources Mentioned

Karens Mantra

  • Be kind.

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About Karen Dauncey

Karen is the Managing Director of Blue Cherry Online Marketing and Founder of The SEO School and has been a digital marketing consultant for the last 17 years. As the director of Blue Cherry Online Marketing, Karen has optimised over 1000 websites, managed millions of dollars’ worth of spend on Google AdWords and has a solid understanding of the constantly-shifting industry of digital marketing and is able to recommend the right digital marketing strategies for your business.