We all experience setbacks in life and having the resilience to bounce back is essential. 

However, it is possible to go beyond resilience and sustain optimum performance. The answer? Human durability. Human durability goes far beyond resilience in the face of adversity. 

Our guest in this episode is Derrick McManus. He is a member of the elite SA Police STAR Group, a world renown international speaker, and expert on Human Durability.

Join us in our chat as Derrick shares his life-changing story in 1994 being shot 14 times in less than 5 seconds with a high-powered rifle. Overcoming and defying all odds, Derrick amazed everyone including his doctors and physicians when he not just survived but thrived after the shooting.

From his experience, Derrick shares his simple yet powerful process for human durability and how you can use it to go beyond resilience, achieve what you want with less stress and more confidence than you thought possible.

Time Stamps:

  • Derrick’s career journey (1:55)
  • Derrick’s life-changing experience (12:05)
  • Derrick’s journey towards recovery (24:30)
  • What is human durability? (34:55)
  • Human Durability programs (39:30)

Resources Mentioned


  • Stay strong, find a system, work the system, tweak the system.

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About Derrick McManus

Derrick McManus is a Keynote Speaker, Coach, Trainer and a Survivor. Former Elite Police Officer, he is now a Human Durability Expert.

His inspirational journey began in 1994 when he was shot 14 times in less than 5 seconds with a high-powered rifle during one of his operations. He was lying on the ground with his life on the line. Miraculously, he amazed everyone, when he defied all odds by not just surviving but thriving after the shooting.

His physical and psychological recoveries have been an inspiration. Derrick is now a world renown international speaker and has spoken on 3 continents around the globe sharing his story and inspiring people everywhere.

Derrick shares his simple yet powerful process for human durability and gives practical tools to help you and your team to “sustain optimum performance” and become more durable even under the most intense pressure.