We’ll have a bit of a twist in our episode. Instead of interviewing amazing guests, I was given a wonderful opportunity to talk about my great love, workshop facilitation.

This episode was first heard in the First Time Facilitator podcast, which is hosted by Leanne Hughes. Leanne is a Chief Engagement Officer that shares the same passion of workshop and training facilitation. 

Together, we take part in a conversation that lets listeners get a glimpse of my adventure; embracing a career change at the age of 40, providing valuable facilitation tips and assisting business owners who want to tell better stories. 

Whether you are a new facilitator testing the waters or an expert looking for ways to add more value to your clients, tune in as I drop jam-packed information in an episode that you surely don’t want to miss.

Time Stamps:

  • My journey to workshop facilitation (05:16)
  • The usual obstacles that prevent people from sharing ideas (11:09)
  • The power of being an introvert in public speaking (12:40)
  • How I design workshop materials to ensure they’re custom-fit (16:27)
  • Increasing/Decreasing the facilitator’s energy (20:20)
  • Facilitating workshops/trainings during the pandemic (23:10)
  • Advice for first time facilitators (32:35)

Resources Mentioned


  1. Business Storytelling is the perfect upgrade for your soft skills toolkit.
  2. As the facilitator you are ‘always on’. How do you manage your energy?

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About Leanne Hughes

Chief Engagement Officer, trusted advisor, and virtual facilitator, Leanne Hughes is on a mission to stamp out boring workshops around the world. She helps clients maximise their potential by creating influential and contagious experiences. 

She has facilitated and led workshops across the globe under several industries including mining, tourism, and vocational education and training. She is also the 2019 Breakout Speaker at the Gallup #CliftonStrengths Summit in Omaha, Nebraska, the 2018 Australian finalist for Learning Professional of the Year, and host of the First Time Facilitator podcast.