“Make sure that whatever you do in life, decide your destiny.” 

This quote has been ingrained in Kyle Spyrides’ mind ever since his grandfather gave him this advice.

Build a Life with Purpose

In this episode, I have a heartwarming chat with Kyle, an award-winning photographer, director of the Soul Gazing Photography and the creator of the movement – Decide Your Destiny.

Kyle tells us his fascinating childhood stories, how he lived through an illness that gave him a 33% chance of survival and how he started choosing his own destiny and build a life with purpose.

With the challenges he encountered, Kyle realized a lot of things in the world. One of which is that he’s responsible for taking back the authority in his life and go where he is really destined to be.

For Kyle, his fate is to help clients, business owners and ordinary people convey their visions by capturing powerful images that not only grab and hold attention but ultimately, tell stories.

Time Stamps:

  • Kyle’s childhood story (01:35)
  • Destined for a photography career (05:39)
  • The challenges in Kyle’s health (07:30)
  • Going through Alkaline Diet, surgery and rehabilitation (12:30)
  • His photography inspirations (17:15)
  • Kyle’s method of helping his subjects feel relaxed (20:30)
  • The essence of capturing people’s stories (23:28)
  • Decide Your Destiny (26:15)
  • His next step towards creating an impact(34:23)
  • Kyle’s message to his 18-year-old self (35:45)

Resources Mentioned


  • You are a corpse carrying around a little soul.
  • I always believe that there was a split-second where they would go deep within their soul, deep inside themselves where I could capture their soul.
  • When you look at your photos you can almost feel, see and imagine that person’s life.
  • Make sure, whatever you do in your life, that you decide your destiny.

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About Kyle Spyrides

Kyle is an award-winning photographer who embraced the creative expression of photography ever since he was a teen. His focus on business branding allows him to cultivate the vision of business owners and help bring it to life.