Leading Through Facilitation

Now more than ever leading through facilitation has become a crucial skillset for leaders to engage teams, apply knowledge and build community. 

In this episode of the Business Chat Podcast, I speak with Nick Lim, known for being an adaptive leader and community whisperer.

Nick chats about how he uses facilitation to create unique experiences. He considers facilitation as a complete art form that can produce curiosity and wonder.

As a facilitator, Nick is passionate about generating momentum and outcome, and he does this by dealing with the smallest details that elevate participant experience. 

He’s mindful of the communication techniques, activities, and even the music used in each facilitating session. 

Nick’s goal is to impact his audience so after the workshop they feel energised and challenged to make better decisions for their communities.

Time Stamps:

  • Nick’s journey to becoming a community whisperer and leader (01:45) 
  • What fascinates him about human behaviour (03:32)
  • The art of creating spaces and experiences through facilitation (04:55)
  • The difference between training, facilitating, and coaching (09:53)
  • Facilitation tips for leaders (11:11)
  • Nick’s recommendations to become better facilitators (14:03)
  • What Nick does in his spare time (16:35)

Resources Mentioned:


  • “Carpe Diem (Seize the day).” -Dead Poets Society 
  • “Being a coach is your ability to see outside where the other person is.” -Nick Lim
  • “The power of human potential in creating a better world for tomorrow is what I’m all about.” – Nick Lim

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About Nick Lim

People describe Nick as a community whisperer and this is evident in all the shapes he occupies and interventions he has led. He is also the president of Rotary Elizabeth Quay, Host of the HR Leader Forum and a leader in Perth Learning Professionals.

He seeks opportunities to help people feel connected, enhance inclusion, and he’s very passionate about conversations about big topics. Furthermore, he applies facilitation skills to host catalyst conversations, create inclusive environments and generate momentum. 

Other than his community impact work, Nick loves art. He enjoys life drawings, has immersed himself in the world of ceramics and plays a few instruments. 

Nick perfectly describes what he does in life by saying, “My interests of creativity and design balance the cognitive work that I do in other areas of life.”