Surviving a Toxic Workplace

It’s been said that psychological safety is the single biggest contributor to workplace productivity. 

When employees are in a psychologically safe space, they know that their ideas, questions, and concerns are valued, and their contributions are appreciated and mistakes are a sign of learning and development.

In this episode of the Business Chat Podcast, I have a wonderful chat with Dr. John Forbes, a Clinical Psychologist and Director of Delta Psychology. John chats with me  about surviving a toxic workplace by promoting and cultivating psychological safety.

When workers feel that they are valued, heard, and empowered, they produce optimum outcomes. 

Being in a toxic workplace is no easy feat, it’s important for employers to set boundaries and create a work culture that encourages respect among every employee. 

Time Stamps:

  • Dr. John’s journey towards his current career (00:52)
  • What do people want from a workplace today? (06:03)
  • What is Psychological Safety? (09:35)
  • The significance of team culture (13:10)
  • The effects of core anxiety and stress (14:45)
  • Promoting and cultivating psychological safety (19:15)
  • How do we feel empowered to speak up at work (24:22)

Resources Mentioned:

Mantra/Quotes Suggestions

  • “Our job should simply give us the resources that we need to live the life we want.” -Dr. John Forbes
  • “If a leader doesn’t behave in a way that is consistent with the values of the organisation, those values mean nothing.” -Dr. John Forbes

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About Dr. John Forbes

Dr. John Forbes is the owner and manager of Delta Psychology and has extensive clinical experience. John has worked in a hospital, community, and corporate environment. This includes being the Assistant Director of the WA Police Health and Welfare Branch and also the Mental Health and Chronic Disease Program Manager at the Osborne General Practice Network.

He is available to see adults (18 years and over) and his area of special interest include: positive psychology, optimal psychological functioning, post-traumatic stress disorder, grief, substance abuse, EMDR, and hypnosis.

He also provides training to organisations on topics such as Motivational Interviewing. Furthermore, John has taught in the undergraduate and postgraduate psychology programs at Edith Cowan University. 

Dr. John is an approved Psychology Board of Australia Supervisor and can provide Principle and Secondary supervision for all pathways: Work in Addition to Higher Degree, 4+2 Internships, Higher Degree Programs, Clinical Psychology Registrar, and 5+1 Internships.