Your Personal Brand

Your personal brand goes beyond the images you post on social platforms. It needs to be aligned with who we really are, our values, and what we aim to accomplish.

In this episode of the Business Chat Podcast, I speak with Jennifer Holloway. We chat about how to improve your personal brand and ways to authentically share your brand without sounding “salesy”

Jennifer shares her six key elements for creating a personal brand and through these elements, entrepreneurs can showcase what they offer and what sets them apart from others.

Customers want to make a genuine connection with businesses, and it’s easy for them to see beyond a fake facade. With authentic personal branding, clients get a grasp of what you’re all about and this helps form a better and meaningful connection.

Time Stamps:

  • Jennifer’s entrepreneurial journey (01:40)
  • What is your personal brand, and why does it matter? (04:35)
  • 6 key elements for creating a personal brand (06:43)
  • How do we tune up our personal brand? (15:02)
  • Ways to authentically share your personal brand (29:02)
  • The benefits of finding your niche (32:55)

Resources Mentioned:


  • “Effort in has to equal or be less than benefit out.” -Jennifer Holloway
  • “People buy people in business.” -Jennifer Holloway
  • “Your brand is the best version of who you really are.” -Jennifer Holloway

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About Jennifer Holloway

Jennifer Holloway has spent the last 14 years helping people in business to blow their own trumpets (without sounding like idiots). She’s the author of Personal Branding For Brits – which is a practical guide to defining and sharing your brand, whether you’re British or from any other country.