Limitless leadership 


 In this episode of the Soft Skills for Leaders Podcast, I chat with Renee Giarusso on the topic of limitless leadership

We share a candid conversation about leading living and learning.


Talking Points

  • The power of lifelong learning to unlocking potential
  • How can leaders express gratitude authentically
  • Five key worlds to transform the start of meetings
  • How to banish negativity using the 3:1 positivity ratio
  • From limited to limitless as a leader
  • How can leaders remain curious and continue to develop
  • The power of walking coaching.

Renee Giarusso is a leadership coach, speaker and workshop facilitator with a purpose to make workplaces exceptional places to work. 

She is the author of three books:  Limitless Leadership, Leaders of Influence, and the award-winning book Gift Mindset –  Unwrap the 12 Gifts to lead and live a life of purpose, connection & contribution.


Book: The Go Giver

Limitless Leaders Podcast 

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