In this episode, I chat with Ben Brearley, host of the Thoughtful Leader Podcast. Ben believes that good leadership is thoughtful leadership. 

Ben is an experienced coach, trainer and leader who offers leadership training and coaching that aims to build confidence and lead more effective teams. 

As a Thoughtful Leader, you know that the teams that work best actually enjoy their jobs. You know it’s so important to be the kind of leader who is intentional about what you do and how you communicate. But what if some of your actions and behaviours may actually be hurting your team? 


Talking Points

  • What are the unhelpful behaviours that leaders may use that are hurting teams?
  • How can leaders allow teams to learn and grow without jumping in and being over helpful?
  • Letting go slowly and building confidence with small steps
  • Three ways of practising Thoughtful Leadership


Resources Mentioned 

Randomly Remind Me (app via Google Play)

I Am (app via App store)



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