In today’s society, extroverts are often glamourised, opposed to introverts who received less attention. While it sometimes feels like the business world was built for extroverts, owning your introversion will help you flourish personally and professionally.

Introverts are often classed as being shy, quiet, and even snobs. This stereotype has lingered for many years and hasn’t helped encourage introverts to really shine in business. 

In this episode, I speak with Jo Rawbone, on how being quiet is a superpower. She shares with us her experience as an introvert in business, the different types of introverts, and how companies can promote neurodiversity inclusiveness in the workplace. 

Owning your introversion and being unapologetically you will help not only you but other  introverts thrive in a noisy world of extroverts.

Time Stamps:

  • Common misconceptions about introverts (9:00)
  • Six types of introverts (11:34)
  • Knowing yourself (15:40)
  • Owning your introversion (21:40)
  • Inclusiveness in the workplace (22:45)
  • Flourishing is a journey (30:50)

Resources Mentioned


  • Done is better than perfect.
  • Purpose plus passion trumps fear.

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About Joanna Rawbone

Joanna Rawbone, is the founder of Flourishing Introverts. She is an ‘Open Introvert’, with a professional training, coaching & facilitation business and has been working with corporate clients from around the globe for over 25 years.