The word facilitation comes from the Latin root “facilitis” which means: something that is done easily.

In today’s day and age where there are more online meetings, workshops, trainings, and webinars, it’s vital to have someone in the room to create engagement and ensure a smooth flow of the program to ensure a great outcome is achieved. 

In this episode, Leanne Hughes – expert facilitator, podcast host, and speaker, shares with us her expertise on what it takes to be an effective facilitator, how to manage expectations when facilitating, and her biggest mistakes and lessons learned.

Improving your own facilitation skills and knowing when to bring in an expert facilitator is an essential investment for participant experience and engagement, and ultimately your company’s growth.

Time Stamps:

  • What is facilitation? (5:10)
  • Creating psychological safety (7:20)
  • Managing expectations when facilitating (9:28)
  • Feedback forms (21:06)
  • Leanne’s biggest mistakes and learnings as a facilitator (22:25)
  • Self-care for facilitators (25:10)

Resources Mentioned


  • “The event has begun before it has actually begun.” – Priya Parker
  • “That which you can plan is too small for you to live.” – David Whyte

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About Leanne Hughes

Chief Engagement Officer, trusted advisor, and virtual facilitator, Leanne Hughes is on a mission to stamp out boring workshops around the world. She helps clients maximise their potential by creating influential and contagious experiences. 

She has facilitated and led workshops across the globe under several industries including mining, tourism, and vocational education and training. She is also the 2019 Breakout Speaker at the Gallup #CliftonStrengths Summit in Omaha, Nebraska, the 2018 Australian finalist for Learning Professional of the Year, and host of the First Time Facilitator podcast.