Can you really use humour tastefully in the workplace?

The idea of using humour in the workplace is not new, however it’s not particularly common. When used correctly, humour has the potential to improve relationships at work. But if used incorrectly, or not at the right time, it can damage your reputation and credibility. 

In business and in the workplace, the main purpose of humor isn’t to get laughs or crack jokes. The goal of using humour in the workplace is to increase engagement and connection. 

In this episode, Humour Coach, Kate Burr shares with us how to use humour in the workplace and how leaders can be more engaging with authentic humour to connect and influence their teams. 

Time Stamps:

  • Bringing humour into the workplace (9:45)
  • The benefits of humour (10:20)
  • What’s not humourous in the workplace (12:50)
  • Self-deprecating humour (14:25)
  • Humour as the ACE up your sleeves (15:20)
  • Types of humour to avoid (17:05)
  • The power of stealth humour (18:30)

Resources Mentioned


  • I don’t want you as an enemy. I’m happy to see you eat, just not at my table. – Tupac

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About Kate Burr

Kate Burr is a Humour Coach who helps people to be funny on purpose. Kate makes sure humour is used to support your key messages, brand and personality. In business, the primary reason for humour isn’t laughter; it’s engagement – as better engaged prospects, clients, teams and audiences leads to better performance and results.

With over 15 years of experience as a Stand Up Comedian, MC & Professional Speaker, Kate brings her extensive knowledge and skills to teach Business Owners, Leaders and Speakers how to use humour effectively.

Rather than just telling a joke to make people laugh, Kate focuses on using humour with the purpose to engage and influence.