Self Leadership is key when it comes to understanding others. 

When we increase and improve our self-awareness, we can increase our influence to those around us, upgrade the delivery of our communication, and improve our relationships. 

In this episode, Ian shares with us his insights and knowledge on knowing our behavioural styles so that we can work effectively with others. We delve into the importance of understanding yourself in order to understand others much better.

Time Stamps:

  • Ian’s journey (1:20)
  • The importance of self-awareness (5:43)
  • The power of 1:1 coaching (8:44)
  • Tools to understand yourself better (11:04)
  • Behaviour Profiling and Self Leadership (15:40)
  • Using online tests to understand yourself (27:00)

Self Leadership Resources Mentioned


  • Always begin with the end in mind. – Stephen Covey

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About Ian Crawford

Ian Crawford  is an expert on self-leadership and speaks at conferences and delivers training for groups wanting to significantly develop and produce high performing cultures through having a greater understanding of themselves and others.

During an early career in global sports development, Ian quickly developed skills to deeply influence athletes and teams of all shapes, sizes and abilities. On entering the corporate world he quickly found this unique ability transferred to all levels of leadership and team