“Festina lente.”

This Latin phrase is an oxymoron that translates to “hurry slowly.” It means to “act with due diligence, focus, and attention to detail in order to avoid mistakes and finish a task more productively overall.”

What is the key to productivity?

In a world full of constant distractions, finding focus, and finishing what you started is the key to productivity. 

In this episode, multi-award winning expert in productivity, Sally Foley-Lewis shares with us the habits that can either hinder or help your productivity in order to succeed as a leader. Join us in this episode to find out what it takes to become an effective and productive leader to positively impact results.

Time Stamps:

  • Sally’s journey (00:25)
  • How to delegate effectively (3:39)
  • Habits to hinder or help your productivity (9:41)
  • What’s the cost of interruptions to organisations? (22:36)
  • The effect of meetings in terms of productivity (27:35)

Resources Mentioned


  • Trust and relationships are essential for the beginnings of delegation working well.
  • “Festina lente” – Make haste slowly
  • Clear is kind and unclear is unkind. – Brene Brown
  • Ask for help not because you are weak but because you want to remain strong. – Les Brown

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About Sally Foley-Lewis

Sally Foley-Lewis is a multi-award winning expert in productivity and leadership to positively impact results, leadership and team performance. Being obsessed with productivity and leadership, Sally helps people get on with their work and get on with their peers, teams and senior leaders.

She’s helped thousands of leaders and teams boost their productivity and improve their leadership skills internationally and across Australia.

Additionally, Sally is an accomplished Speaker, Author and Executive Coach and a much sought after event MC.