Relationship Building in Business

The world of business is ever changing. What worked in the past, won’t necessarily work now. What we’re seeing now is the importance of connection. These days it’s always relationships first, and sales second. 

Business relationships are critical to our success in business. If you can’t relate to the people you are talking to, then you will never make a solid connection and you will never get what you want and need.

In this episode, we speak with Lindsay Adams. Lindsay is a practiced speaking professional, workshop facilitator and business relationship specialist. He shares with us how to create effective relationships, and what not to do when networking.

Join us in this episode to find out how to leverage relationships to drive referrals and grow your business.

Time Stamps:

  • Lindsay’s career highlights (1:55)
  • Importance of effective relationships in business (4:34)
  • Mistakes in approaching building relationships (5:35)
  • Networking tips (12:57)
  • Know, Like, and Trust (15:05)
  • Tips to leave a conversation (20:30)

Resources Mentioned


  • “If you’re going to get involved, get involved.”

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About Lindsay Adams

With over 20 years of Human Resource experience, Lindsay shows you can enhance your relationships in order to build effective leaders, be more productive in your team, and drive higher sales.