Challenges in the workplace and in business are inevitable. Many of these challenges stem from behaviours that are below the line.

In this episode of the Business Chat, I speak with coach, author, and speaker on people leadership and workplace resilience, Michelle Bihary. Michelle works with teams to help them stay above the line and navigate the complex ways that humans are challenged by living and working together. 

Great leaders are those who see the challenges as opportunities and create positive workplaces for their team.

Join us in this episode to find out how to create psychologically aware, responsible, and safe workplaces where leaders and teams can thrive.

Time Stamps:

  • Michelle’s journey (2:10)
  • Below the line vs Above the line behaviours (4:39)
  • How to define the line at work (10:00)
  • How does the leader ensure that boundaries are kept? (12:40)
  • Giving candid feedback vs bullying in the workplace (17:00)
  • Psychological safety in the workplace (22:45)

Resources Mentioned


  • “At a minimum, do no harm.”
  • “Be open to learning because everybody has a lesson to teach us.”

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About Michelle Bihary

Michelle Bihary is the author of Leading above the Line – Applying neuroscience to build psychologically safe and thriving teams.

She is a speaker, coach and author on people leadership and workplace resilience. 

She helps leaders build high-performing, psychologically safe and thriving teams.

Michelle applies insights from neuroscience, and psychological and mental health research to create positive workplace ecosystems that genuinely cultivate human potential, productivity, engagement, and thriving employees.