As business owners, we think a lot about how to start, grow, and scale our business. 

What we don’t put much thought on is when and how to best exit our business should the time come to sell it.

In this episode, I get to chat with Martin Vidakovic of The Numbers Game Podcast. With a passion to educate and empower people both personally and financially, Martin shares his tips and advice for business owners who are planning on exiting their business. 

Even if it will be years or decades before you see yourself leaving your business, what you do today can set you up for a smooth exit.

Time Stamps:

  • Martin’s journey (00:30)
  • Making your business attractive to buyers (13:40)
  • How to transition to selling your business (15:38)
  • Transitioning to part-time work instead of completely selling (20:15)
  • Business exit strategies and advice (23:40)
  • Biggest pitfalls when exiting your business (27:50)

Resources Mentioned


  • Just because you have goals in your business, doesn’t mean you have to be the one to execute them.
  • Time is the only commodity we don’t get more of. 

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About Martin Vidakovic

Martin Vidakovic is the Sales Director at Innovayt Finance and co-host of the Numbers Game Podcast. 

Martin’s passion and goals is to continuously enrich and empower people both personally and financially.