Every employee is expected to be engaged, highly focused and contribute positively to the business organisation. 

In order to achieve this, leaders and managers need to create an environment where even the most uncomfortable conversations are tackled.

In this episode we discuss business conversations that matter with Andrea Newton of Confident Conversations. She shares her insights on the importance of being in an organisation where people can say what they want but it should be partnered with compassion, curiosity and positive intent.

Other than focusing on conversations that confront organisational issues and behaviour, managers should also address dialogues that nurture connections and teamwork.

Time Stamps:

  • Andrea’s career journey (01:57)
  • Why do people shy away from significant conversations (05:16)
  • The risks of not tackling the conversations (07:12)
  • Stepping stones to successful conversations (09:00)
  • The 7 Significant Conversations (15:15)
  • Why action plan with review and consequences is necessary (19:45)
  • Managing “hand grenades” in the organisation (21:39)
  • Performance never personality solution (26:12)

Resources Mentioned


  • Sometimes you just have to put on your big girl pants and deal with it.

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About Andrea Newton

Andrea Newton is the host of the Really Useful Conversations Podcast. 

For over 21 years, Andrea has been helping business organizations become successful through the 7 Significant Conversations framework.These conversations inspire dialogues that are honest, open and frank that leaders, managers and HRs can use in the workplace.

She believes that when managers get comfortable talking about the uncomfortable, they start to create a climate for success. Her approach is direct to the point and never complicated. 

Apart from organisational success, she leans towards generating positive teamwork and customer satisfaction.