Sales Conversations That Convert

We are all in sales, whether we are selling a tangible product, ideas, or our own brand. And when it comes to sales, we want to appear authentic and genuine to serve the right clients. 

Sales and selling are often associated with having an icky feeling, but our guest today shows better ways to influence and get our ideas across to other people.

In this episode of the Business Chat Podcast, I speak with Ian Stephens, a Peak Performance and Sales Productivity Coach, award-winning speaker, and author. 

Ian shares that the key to executing a successful sale is curiosity. Some don’t listen to a client’s story with gusto and intent, rather, they immediately jump into solution mode. 

For Ian, it’s important to engage in a conversation with a blank page, he listens and asks good questions, and is not tempted to offer solutions right away.

He believes that clients can tell if a person is genuinely concerned about their issues, needs, and challenges. By having the mindset of curiosity, you are directing the conversation towards a better chance of converting.

Time Stamps:

  • Ian’s transition from a corporate background to professional speaking (01:40)
  • Where do people go wrong when it comes to selling? (07:05)
  • The mindset we need to execute a successful sale (10:02)
  • How to positively handle objections (12:47)
  • How do we become more authentic at selling? (16:22)

Resources Mentioned:


  • “Where there is judgement, let there be empathy.” -Glenn Capelli
  • “Any sign of resistance is just an indicator of insufficient rapport.”- Ian Stephens
  • “Part of the success formula is to surrender to an outcome.” – Ian Stephens

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About Ian Stephens

Ian is a Peak Performance and Sales Productivity Coach, Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), author of four books, and creator of 11 online resources.  

He has over 20 years experience in delivering training programs across 29 countries. Ian inspires people to change and equips them to follow through. 

His training program incorporates practical tools and proven methodology that impacts behaviour, improves customer experience, and translates into increased revenue and profit. 

In the world of keynote speaking, Ian is often referred to as a motivational speaker but don’t expect the feel-good fluff. You will see him in action when he speaks, and he believes in walking the talk.

His main drivers are family, health, helping others, and achievement. Ian passionately believes in harnessing natural universal laws which set you up for both personal and professional success.