Leading Performance with Empathy

Empathy is often misunderstood in the business world, but it is a powerful strategy that develops effective leadership. Empathy begins with having a shared understanding. 

In this episode of the Business Chat Podcast, I have a fascinating chat with Daniel Murray about leading performance by using empathy. 

It’s no secret that there’s a shortage of empathy in business organisations. The main reason behind this is that organisations have become more complex over the years, and what’s disappointing is that we don’t take the first step towards empathy, we make assumptions and then move on. 

Demonstrating empathy in business allows for effective and highly engaged teams to flourish. 

Time Stamps:

  • Why is there a short supply of empathy in organisations? (01:30)
  • The difference between compassion and empathy (10:43)
  • Empathy in a business context (12:30)
  • Why we need to invest in shared understanding (14:05)
  • How to train empathy through perspective-taking (16:10)
  • Advantages of being empathetic coaches and leaders (18:58)
  • Three simple elements towards developing empathy (20:35)
  • The empathy process (22:35)
  • How to get used to uncomfortable change (28:12)

Resources Mentioned:


  • “Don’t assume you understand what someone else is going through.” -Daniel Murray
  • “Empathy may be a soft-skill and intangible, but it has a great deal of strategic value when it comes to decision-making.” -Daniel Murray
  • “Your brain is naturally going to look for assumptions to guide you through the world.” -Daniel Murray

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About Daniel Murray

Daniel is a Speaker, Leadership Trainer, Strategic Advisor, and he drives performance through people, leadership, and empathy. 

His degree in mathematics and background in corporate strategy provides Daniel with a unique perspective that blends strategic thinking with empathy and emotional intelligence in practical and pragmatic ways.

For Daniel, empathy is the most important capability to create improved outcomes for businesses, leaders, and communities. He helps frustrated people and leaders unlock their true performance by developing curious and empathic skills to harness the ‘tough skills’ of leadership.

While often ignored or misunderstood by businesses, empathy is the capacity for a person to understand the rational and emotional drivers of others. When leaders and businesses develop this skill to understand employees, customers, and stakeholders, they create breakthrough competitive strategies. They also foster powerful teams through greater diversity and employee engagement.