Re-imagining Learning

Our love for learning is strengthened when we’re in environments that acknowledge and nurture this passion. However, most of our learning institutions focus on traditional approaches that may no longer be relevant, and we need to work towards re-imagining learning at work.

In this episode of the Business Chat Podcast, I have a lovely conversation with Steph Clarke. She helps organisations deal with hard conversations regarding learning and development. 

Before the pandemic, people’s way of learning was too traditional, classroom-based, and too instructor-led. Now, organisations are employing a more holistic approach to help their employees learn.

There are various factors that enhance the whole learning process and Steph highlights the importance of each one. If companies want to elevate employee performance, they need to establish a safe space that impacts their overall learning experience.

Time Stamps:

  • Steph’s entrepreneurial journey (02:37)
  • Changes in learning experiences for workplaces (05:45)
  • The impact of micro-credentials surge (11:15)
  • How can organisations better deliver learning programs (13:55)
  • Incorporating coaching with training and workshops (19:01)
  • Internal trainers VS Subject-Matter Experts (20:55)
  • The best timing for learning sessions (23:15)
  • How to create a psychologically safe space for learning (26:45)
  • Potential benefits of internal podcast in organisations (29:52)
  • Leaning towards a multidisciplinary approach to learning (31:29)

Resources Mentioned:


  • Never attribute to malice what can be explained by incompetence. -Robert J. Hanlon (Hanlon’s Razor)
  • “The physical and environmental factors influence the quality and type of conversations you have.” -Steph Clarke
  • “A lot of formal learning institutions are a bit behind their approach to learning.” -Steph Clarke

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About Steph Clarke

Steph helps businesses reimagine their learning & development, and teams have hard conversations. She’s the host of Steph’s Business Bookshelf podcast, where each week she shares the three big ideas from the best non-fiction books in 15 minutes. Originally from the UK, she’s lived in Wurundjeri country since 2014, loves live music, and has recently been trying her hand at ceramics.