Career Transitions

In this episode of the Business Chat podcast, I speak with Lois Keay-Smith, a career counsellor who helps people figure out what they want in their career path and how they can get there. Individuals who feel stuck often fear changing careers because society dictates that stability is possible by staying in one profession.  However, it’s never too late to transition and enjoy what you’ve always wanted to do. If you’re at a career crossroads and don’t know which path to take, listen to the episode for valuable tips and advice. Time Stamps:
  • Lois’ career journey (01:10)
  • Why is her career even more in-demand now? (04:48)
  • Interesting discoveries Lois has while working with clients (11:12)
  • Unpacking why people are not motivated to go to work (14:20)
  • The significance of retirement coaching (23:13)
  • Why it’s never too late for career transitions (30:35)
Resources Mentioned: Mantra/Quotes: 
  • “If people can find what really lights them up and helps them contribute then why would they stop?” -Lois Keay-Smith

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Book a complimentary mini coaching session with Lisa here. Learn more about Soft Skills Academy here. Connect With Lois Keay-Smith careerwisdom.com.au career-wisdom Connect with Lois on LinkedIn About Lois Keay-Smith Lois is a career counsellor who changed career from a corporate track, 16 years ago. She loves helping people to work out what makes them tick in a career sense, what they want, and to co-create a plan to get them there. Lois recently completed a Churchill Fellowship on the topic of Careers Beyond Cancer.