Speaking Savvy – The Art of Speaking and Storytelling.

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Do you have something to say but you’re not sure how to say it?

Are you looking to create a memorable experience for your audiences?

Do you want the secret to creating stories that move people?

The Art of Speaking and Storytelling will help you share your message.

The book has plenty of tools to help you to find your authentic voice.

Topics include:

Turning fear into fierce.

Creating a speech from scratch using a simple ABC method.

Using your voice as a tool of influence.

Enhancing your communication with effective non-verbal cues.

Unlocking your stories to stand out as a speaker.

Stories From The Heart©: Tales of Inspiration


Stories From The Heart© Tales of Inspiration, is the first book in this series.

 A co-authored collection of true stories.


Tales of Inspiration Authors:

Lisa Evans, Marlene Ward, Jay Crisp Crow, Leesa Hart, Michele Alexander, Rebecca Hannan, Angie Paskevicius, VIda Carlino, Amanda Lambros, Troy Hendrickson, Kristy Ambrose, Michelle Sandford, Fiona Jeanne, Lynette Delane, Nichola Renton and Louise Kelly.

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Stories From The Heart©: Tales of Courage


Voted #1 in several AUS and UK categories on Amazon! 


The second in the series of Stories From The Heart, this book has twelve short stories that will take you on a journey of courage, hope and resilience.


Lisa Evans, Michele Gennoe, Nicky Howe, Cushla Lovejoy, Ai-Mei Nguyen, Mary Chetcuti, Grace Najean, Pip Brennan, Melanie Chatfield, Claudette Pope, Karina Barrett and Mavis Carruthers.


“Story sharers are brave. It’ a gift for us to read such personal encounters, to be informed, inspired and entertained. In this age of online oversharing – we are becoming immune to people’s stories but here is a collection of tales you can connect with, by real people and no clicks required. All they ask for is for you to read and have courage”. Sharron Attwood – Personal Brand Consultant. — Amazon Review

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About the Author: Lisa Evans

Her career as a neonatal intensive care midwife was cut short by an illness that destroyed much of her hearing.

Speaking Savvy: The Art of Speaking and Storytelling is a guide to help you share your voice, and an inspiring story that celebrates the determination of a committed woman.

Lisa Evans MBA is a Professional Speaker, Storyteller, Certified World Class Speaker Coach, TEDx Speaker Coach, Community Ambassador for RUOK? and  an improvisation actor with Perth Playback Theatre.

I am inspired by Lisa. Her willingness to speak, share her story, and help others to share theirs makes her a role model to anyone who has a desire to reach their potential.

Kwesi Millington

Award Winning Speaker & Speaking Coach, Canada

Lisa is an endearing storyteller with the heart of a teacher. If you want to help yourself become a champion start here!  

Duane Martinz

Author “Becoming Your Own Champion", USA

A coaching session with Lisa was better than any speaker training I had previously had.

Michelle Sandford

Microsoft Technology Evangelist, Australia

Lisa Evans is a classy lady who lives an inspiring life. She not only tells her story to inspire others, she teaches others to tell their story in a powerful way. 

Darren La Croix

CSP, AS, World Champion Speaker, USA