Boost your visibility as a leader with public speaking

Boost your visibility as a leader with public speaking

How to improve your public speaking as a leader

What skill can you work on that will improve your performance and success in multiple areas? I believe that improving your spoken word communication, will help you develop and excel in many ways including – boosting your confidence, raising your presence and visibility, enhancing your personal brand, developing your charisma, and building your credibility and leadership influence.

As a leader you want to be visible, self-assured and a great communicator. You have got a message to share, and an opportunity to share it by giving public speeches. Whether your message is about business, a cause you care about, or some other type of communication—your message won’t be well received if you don’t present it well. If you’re not already an excellent public speaker, or you consider yourself to be ordinary, why not master the art of public speaking to become outstanding?

All the world’s a stage – William Shakespeare

Three ways to get better at public speaking

Speak More

Say yes to every opportunity to speak, even if it makes you feel uncomfortable. Be proactive and strategically seek out opportunities to speak. Don’t wait to be asked or until you feel you are more experienced. Do it now! Speaking is serving, and there are people who will benefit from hearing your message.

Get a coach and be coachable

If you want to fast track your spoken word communication, then work with a coach. I recommend you choose a coach who is not only a skilled teacher of the craft but also is in the public speaking arena themselves at a professional level. When you are coachable you are ready to do what it takes to excel including, putting in the work to self-review, prepare and practice. You are open to listening to feedback and willing to take a look at your own performance in order to improve it. When you commit to the work and you have the right coach you will get results and experience a transformation.

Practice often

There are no shortcuts to practice. It takes time to become masterful at public speaking and it requires dedicated and targeted practice. The 10,000 hours rule coined by Malcom Gladwell was taken out of context and is widely misquoted. It’s quality practice rather than the time spent doing something. When I wanted to learn to play golf, I couldn’t find a left-handed coach. I practiced and practiced but still didn’t improve. When I eventually found the right coach, my technique improved. I had been putting in the hours but I had been practicing the wrong thing.

Not sure if a public speaking coach is right for you? I am happy to have a chat with you to find out what your current level of speaking is and what your goals are. Book a time to chat here or drop me an email

Upcoming Public Speaking and Business Storytelling workshops in Perth. If you’d prefer to host an on-site session for your team, call me to chat about customized training.

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June 6   – Riff 45 SGT  9:00 – 4:30 Public Speaking & Business Storytelling for Leaders includes lunch and 1:1 follow up 60-minute coaching session find out more

July 7  Stories From The Heart© 5 pm at Lazy Susan’s Comedy Den is a regular live storytelling event with all profits going to charity. Tickets are on sale for the next event here


How can I help you?

Lisa Evans is a professional speaker, spoken word consultant, and business storytelling expert.

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