Today is a podcasting milestone for me – six months of weekly episodes for Business Chat Podcast.

I recently shared some reasons why being a guest on a podcast is a great idea.

I am always on the lookout for awesome guests for the Business Chat Podcast.

What other topics do you think would be good for me to cover? Who would you recommend as a guest for the Business Chat Podcast?

Here is a list of the Business Chat Podcasts episodes so far in the journey:

  1. The Four Step Possibility System with Rob Hartnett
  2. Quietly Powerful Leadership with Megumi Miki
  3. The Power of Video with Julian Mather
  4. Energy and Momentum in your business with Russell Pearson
  5. Business Growth in Challenging Times with Suzzanne Laidlaw
  6. Happy, Healthy and Thriving in Business with Dr Jenny Brockis
  7. Resilience in Business with Michele Gennoe
  8. A Culture of Purpose with Dave Clare
  9. Financial Independence with Lacey Filipich
  10. The Learning Organisation with Glenn Capelli
  11. Marketing the Gentle Way with Sarah Santacroce
  12. A Life of Service with Dave Greenberg
  13. Business Numbers Made Simple with Michelle Maynard
  14. Copywriting for your business with Liz Green
  15. Customer Service Design with Graham Harvey
  16. Connecting Profit with Purpose with Phil Preston
  17. How to Connect with Anyone, Anywhere with Kerrie Phipps
  18. Connecting with Strategy with Leanne Isaacson
  19. Resilient Leadership in Times of Crises with Mike House
  20. Human Centred Customer Service with Chris Smoje
  21. Productivity Hacks and Apps with Ming Johanson
  22. Get Found on Google with Karen Dauncey
  23. Flourishing Introverts with Joanna Rawbone
  24. Storytelling with Lisa Evans
  25. The Ideal Facilitation Space with Leanne Hughes
  26. Humour in the Workplace with Kate Burr
  27. Understanding Self Understanding Others with Ian Crawford
  28. Accountability for Success with Darren Finklestein
  29. The Productive Leader with Sally Foley-Lewis
  30. Relationships in Business with Lindsay Adams
  31. Leading Above the Line with Michelle Bihary
  32. The Trusted Way with Patrick Galvin
  33. Read to Lead with Jeff Brown
  34. Human Durability for Leading Self and Others with Derrick McManus
  35. Having A Business Exit Strategy with Martin Vidakovic
  36. Business Conversations That Matter with Andrea Newton
  37. Creating Strategy for Profit with Alex Brueckmann

I’d love to hear from you if you are an expert in a topic related to leadership, business and communication.