How to ensure your emails are clear and professional communication

Cracking the email code

In this episode of Soft Skills for Leaders, host Lisa Evans chats with Carmel Luck, a communication specialist, to discuss the fascinating topic of Cracking the Email Code for Clear Communication.

Emails have become an integral part of our daily lives, and it’s crucial for leaders to master the art of effective written communication. Carmel will be sharing valuable insights and practical tips on navigating the email landscape with clarity, conciseness, and impact. 

We’ll explore the use of email helpers, such as voting buttons and file-sharing tools, to streamline communication and save precious time. Discover the power of email templates and auto-responses to enhance your efficiency and manage expectations. 

But it’s not just about productivity. Carmel will delve into the importance of inclusive email communication, considering cultural differences and the needs of diverse recipients. We’ll learn how to avoid common pitfalls, like excessive exclamation marks or passive-aggressive language, that can inadvertently cause misunderstandings or frustration. 

Carmel will guide us through best practices, from crafting concise and informative subject lines to using bullet points and bold formatting to highlight key information. We’ll also explore the impact of scheduling emails and the expectations of constant availability in our ever-connected world.


00:01:17 General discussion about how emails have become overwhelming. 

00:06:09 Keep emails concise and consider alternative methods. What needs to go into an email to get your point across? 

00:08:43 Email frustration and passive-aggressive behaviour that can come out in an email. 

00:12:44 Etiquette is important for effective email communication.

00:15:47 Professionalism is key; be approachable and cautious.

00:18:50 Increased email responsiveness prompts increased scheduling tool usage.

00:21:26 Use email tools appropriately: subject, language, compassion.

00:26:23 Email helpers save time by providing tools like voting buttons, file shares, templates, and auto-responses.

00:27:41 Customise email message for mobile efficiency.

Why Listen?

“Master the art of clear and effective communication in every email you send, taking your leadership skills to new heights”

Talking Points

  • Importance of clear and effective email communication.
  • Using email helpers like voting buttons and file-sharing tools.
  • The impact of tone and language in emails.
  • Avoiding passive-aggressive language and excessive punctuation.
  • The need for thoughtful consideration of recipients.
  • Managing expectations and respecting personal time.
  • Promoting inclusive and accessible email communication.
  • Choosing the appropriate communication tool for complex or sensitive topics
  • Implementing the “zero inbox” policy and reducing email clutter.
  • Reflecting on the impact of constant email availability.

The top three takeaways from this episode are:

1.Using email helpers and tools such as voting buttons, file-sharing tools, and email templates to enhance productivity and save time. 

2. Be mindful of clarity and tone: The significance of clear and concise communication in emails. Excessive punctuation marks, sarcasm, and passive-aggressive language can lead to misinterpretation and misunderstandings. 

3. Prioritise professionalism and inclusivity: It is essential to be mindful of professionalism in email communication. It is important to avoid mixing personal opinions with professional perspectives and to always stick to stating facts. Inclusive communication must consider different cultures.


“The Importance of Professionalism in Emails: “You can never get into hot water if your email is perfectly professional and just stating facts.”

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