Make an impact every time you step up and speak 

Speak with Influence

Are you a leader who needs to deliver a high-stakes presentation? Are you ready to improve your public speaking?

As Australia’s leading business storytelling and executive speaker coach, I can help you deliver your next message with confidence, charisma and presence. 

Think back to the last time you delivered a presentation. Did your message land exactly the way you wanted it to? Did you inspire, influence and lead people to act?

Was your presentation unique, memorable and dynamic with stunning visuals to enhance your message? Was it the best it could possibly be?

Build credibility, make authentic connections, and communicate with influence and impact. I can offer you individual coaching wherever you are on the world via Zoom, or in person within Australia. 

If you would prefer to attend a small group public speaking workshop in Perth,  or you would like me to deliver training on-site for your organisation then let’s have a chat to find out how I may best help you and your team. 

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Executive Speaker Coach

Make an impact every time you speak. 


As your executive speaker coach, I will show you how to speak with power, poise, presence and purpose. I will help you discover your vocal and visual brand and presence, so that you transform others with your communication.

Authentic communication is essential for business success.  There is nothing soft about soft skills. 

Whatever your current level of experience as a speaker, you will benefit from the ability to boost your influence and credibility within your industry, and earn the buy-in and engagement that allows you to lead with complete confidence. 

With high-impact communication, public speaking and presentation skills you can speak like a leader every time.  

The power of storytelling builds trust and engagement and moves people to action. I will show you how to use authentic stories to make your message stick.  

Discover how to elevate your influence through the power of strategic narrative and business storytelling.

Speak, present and communicate with presence, poise, power and persuasion. 

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Your executive speaker coach

Lisa Evans

Prior to becoming Australia’s leading female public speaking coach, I spent two decades in the health profession. 

My clients come from various industries including, mining and resources, finance, sales and marketing, technology and science. Many of my clients use speaking as a way to proactively building their business and brand and some go on to become professional speakers.

They engage me to help them and their team deliver exceptional presentations and speak with power, presence and purpose. 

Future proof your presentations with my Speak Like A Leader framework

Gone are the days when people accept a read aloud data-dump with an overload of boring slides. People want and crave an experience. With my unique methodology, incorporating principles from presenting, experiential learning, facilitation, improvisation, sketching and mindset, I will show you a proven way of creating stand out presentations for any occasion.

Whether it’s a pitch for funding, a sales presentation, a conference keynote or an award acceptance evening, I will offer you the tools and skills to be able to create a memorable talk.

You will be able to use this framework over and over, to save you time and reduce the level of stress that can occur when you have to create a high-stakes presentation.

One-to-one tailored mentoring will boost your leadership communication so that you can engage and influence key stakeholders with maximum impact and effectiveness.

Alternatively, I offer a two day in-house Speak Like a Leader masterclass for your team. Contact me to discuss a tailored masterclass. 


Business Storytelling

Sales Presentations

Pitch Funding


Conference Keynotes

“The learning is outstanding. I am now able to offer business storytelling to different groups of stakeholders with unshakeable confidence. “

I attended Lisa Evans’s Public Speaking and Business Storytelling Workshop. The course is well structured with highly engaging group activities. The learning outcome of the course is outstanding: I am now able to offer business storytelling to different groups of stakeholders with unshakeable confidence. Lisa Evans has a very authentic and engaging presentation style. Her teaching method is easily understood with practical techniques. I highly recommend Lisa Evans as a professional speaker and public speaking coach.

Lincoln Pan

Partner, Cinch Accountants

Having Lisa Evans as a speaker coach when preparing for a TEDx talk was invaluable. Her calm and encouraging manner inspired my confidence and she suggested key aspects of phrasing which gave my message more impact. I benefited greatly from her expertise in speech delivery, which enabled me to put emotion and feeling into my speech and to eliminate distracting mannerisms and habits of speech. Lisa made herself available to me whenever I needed her and was much-needed support in the days leading up to the big event.

Simone Vitali

Head Veterinarian, Perth Zoo

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I’d like Lisa to contact me today to chat about executive speaker coaching and the possibilities for taking our leadership communication to the next level. 

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