Find Your Purpose Without the Pressure

It’s not always easy to discover what we’re born to do. We might think, is it possible to find your purpose without the pressure?

In this episode, I speak with Andrew Millar who’s been helping business owners find their true purpose. For him, the key to business enjoyment starts with knowing the meaning behind existence.  

Unfortunately not everyone goes to this life stage. Andrew helps entrepreneurs by identifying natural pressures that are holding them back from enjoying the success they worked hard for.

There was a time in Andrew’s life when he worked as an insolvency practitioner. He was running and selling businesses. Andrew worked with business owners on both ends of the spectrum; entrepreneurs who were about to lose everything and those who were very successful in their field.

People who saw their business collapsing had a good excuse to not appreciate life however, he also saw that even successful ones weren’t enjoying life as they should. 

The lack of enjoyment came from not knowing true purpose and the immense pressure of how success is seen. The society brings too much pressure on having material wealth to be considered successful, but it was not always about this, it’s about something deeper.

Andrew shares how he helps people unravel the path to discovering purpose and how to deal with external pressure. He is building a community that knows the real value of success. 

He changes the conversation to success in business also mean enjoying it to the fullest rather than how much money you are making. It wasn’t enough for a company to have lots of sales and profit, it was essential that people enjoy what they are doing.

Knowing one’s purpose allows for better enjoyment both in life and in business, and for Andrew, this is the true measurement of success.

Time Stamps:

  • The daily life of Andrew as an Insolvency Practitioner (03:02)
  • A defining point that led to his coaching career (07:15)
  • The origin story of Business Enjoyment (09:55)
  • Ideal metrics to measure success in business and life (12:08)
  • Exploring the options to discover purpose (15:05) 
  • How a simple change in language can make a difference (16:55)
  • Ways to uncovering and finding true purpose (25:33)
  • The transformation process after discovering purpose (30:00)

Resources Mentioned:


  • “Joy in the face of darkness is the path to light.” – Andrew Millar 
  • “How successful your business is, is not the same as how much you’re enjoying life.” – Andrew Millar
  • “When you make decisions and drive forward purely with one metric which is incorrect, you miss out on everything else, and you end up in a bad situation where you don’t want to be.” – Andrew Millar

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About Andrew Millar

Andrew is the founder of Business Enjoyment. It’s his purpose to bring joy back and make sure that enjoyment is also seen as a measure of success in business, not just sales and profits. 

His previous line of work as an insolvency practitioner made him work with business owners at the most challenging times of their lives. Andrew had to stand by their side while their business is on a brink of collapse.

This experience has opened his eyes to potential reasons why entrepreneurs find it so difficult to enjoy their lives. Now, he is committed to establishing a community of people whose goal is to build a successful business and enjoy life at the same time.