Here’s how you SCORE a TEDx talk

S –  is for simplicity

One idea. What is the one thing that you want the audience to take away as a result of your speech? Stick to that one theme.

C – is for clarity

A simple message told simply works best. Clarity of message, of voice and of any slides you may be using is essential. have a clear structure with transitions so that the audience can easily follow along.

O – is for outstanding

Your aim is to make an emotional connection with the audience.  Ordinary speakers present facts and information. Outstanding speakers evoke emotions in the audience. Be yourself, prepare well and practice, practice and practice more. This is your time to shine.

R – is for relevant

A good talk exceeds the expectations of the audience and the talks that I resonate most with are the ones that I can relate to. When you are preparing your material the audience has to be front and centre of your mind. Ask yourself the question what do they need?

E – is for entertaining

People enjoy being entertained. People want to hear a great idea presented by a  proficient speaker. Aim to add humour and personal stories wherever you can to make your talk SCORE.


As a storytelling expert, known as The Story Midwife, I help leaders to create compelling presentations through business storytelling.

Before becoming a Professional Speaker, I worked for over twenty years as a midwife.

I now live and breathe stories as a speaker, trainer, performer and coach.

As a World Class Speaking & Storytelling Coach, I’ll help you mine, refine and deliver a captivating story for your business or brand. Whether it is the boardroom, podium or stage; I can show you how to develop a persuasive presentation with a compelling story that will be hard to forget by anyone who gets to experience it.

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