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Book Lisa as your next conference keynote speaker and make an impact with business stories that stick. Discover the power of strategic storytelling with ‘The Story Midwife’, TEDx Speaker Coach, Best-Selling Author. Lisa speaks in Australia, USA, Asia, and the UK.

As an introvert, I can show you that you don’t have to be the loudest and most extroverted voice in the room to get where you want to be. As a keynote speaker, or in a breakout or workshop session, I will show you how to feel empowered to share your authentic voice and to step up, speak out and get noticed.

I would never have dreamed that as a shy girl I could become an international and keynote speaker and one of Australia’s leading public speaking and business storytelling coaches. This journey has led me to embrace the philosophy of getting comfortable being uncomfortable and saying yes to every opportunity to speak.

I’ve helped leaders and organizations transform their speaking skills so they can move audiences to action. Your style of voice and gestures presented in a natural way is what we can work on together. I will guide you to a place where you are confident with your material and charismatic in your delivery so that you will not only feel comfortable as you step up to the platform, but you will embrace the opportunity.

I am known as The Story Midwife. Originally from London and a former registered midwife for over 20 years, I now help bring stories into the world.

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Leaving my calling and finding my purpose

I trained as specialist neonatal intensive care midwife. Then life sent me on a detour. A virus destroyed a significant amount of my hearing. I could no longer work in the challenging area of intensive care.

For the next couple of years, I struggled to come to terms with hearing loss, a change of career and a subsequent toxic workplace. My confidence and self-esteem plummeted and I became afraid to speak up.

A chance meeting led me to a research trial and I began to hear in a different way using a cochlear implant. It was in learning to use the device that I became interested in speaking, and I began my transformational journey.

I specialize in showing executives and entrepreneurs on how to harness the power of business storytelling to inspire and entertain their audiences.

I can offer you a customized presentation as a keynote speaker, or a breakout or workshop session for your delegates to show them how to step up and speak with confidence and harness the power of storytelling.

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Keynote speaker topic – The scenic route

When life sent her on a detour from the journey she mapped out, Lisa turned to her strengths, passion, and resilience to forge a new career. 

Having to walk away from a 20 plus year career as a midwife, due to sudden and severe hearing loss, Lisa was faced with the challenge of re-inventing herself, and in doing so she not only found a new career, but discovered her purpose. 

In learning to hear again using a cochlear implant, Lisa realised so much more. She discovered her voice and a passion to help others speak with confidence. 

As one of Australia’s leading speaker coaches, Lisa helps people to create an impact through speaking and storytelling. Find out how Lisa turned her hearing loss into speaking success and her journey in becoming The Story Midwife.

This keynote is ideal for:

  • ​Groups who want an inspiring speaker who does not let adversity get the better of her. 
  • Businesses who are facing challenges or the need to re-invent themselves
  • Communities who want to hear a female speaker who is making a difference with her purpose

The audience will leave with:

  • Inspiring stories on how overcoming challenges led to discovering a life purpose
  • An entertaining talk that draws on personal experience with a universal message

Keynote speaker topic – Speak up to stand out

Find out how you can be a speaker that others want to listen to! 

In her work as a certified speaking and storytelling coach and TEDx speaker coach, Lisa helps leaders to speak with confidence, clarity and charisma. 

Unless you are able to speak about what you do and why others should care in a compelling and engaging way, then you may feel like your voice is lost in a sea of noise. 

Lisa has worked with executives and leaders globally, helping them step up and deliver high stakes presentations. Lisa will share practical tips on the art and science of speaking and storytelling, how to avoid ‘blah blah blah’ trap of ‘talking head’ speaking, and death by PowerPoint. 

By the end of the talk the group will know how to create an engaging talk that others actually want to listen to. 

This session is fun, high energy and will give you plenty of tips and tools to help you become a better communicator.

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This program is ideal for:

  • Leaders who want to stand out as a communicator
  • Business owners who want to use speaking as part of their marketing strategy
  • Not-for-profit organizations who want to make an impact

The audience will leave with:

  • A template for putting together a presentation from scratch using my ROCK methodology
  • Ways to incorporate effective body-language and non-verbal communication into presenting
  • New ways to present material so that it sticks
  • Alternatives to Death by Powerpoint and reading aloud.
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Keynote speaker topic – The story of you

Find the stories from the rich tapestry of your life that will inspire others. 

Lisa is known as The Story Midwife, and she helps people from all walks of life to bring their stories into the world. 

Lisa believes that we all have stories worth sharing, and in this interactive session she will show you how to turn your life events into compelling stories that will inspire others and make a positive difference. 

This topic is ideal as a 90-minute interactive session to include story mining exercises and story sharing activities. It can be tailored to 45-minutes or delivered as a storytelling masterclass.

This session is perfect for:

  • Groups who want to learn how to share their story to inspire others
  • Changemakers who want to make an impact with a message
  • Business groups that want to learn the art of storytelling

The audience will leave with:

  • Tools to mine, refine and polish a story
  • A five part storytelling framework
  • Plenty of ideas on where to find stories and how to turn them into compelling material
  • Ways to captivate an audience with story performance techniques. 

Keynote speaker topic – Storytelling for Leaders: Harness the best kept secret leadership communication tool

Great leaders are masters at storytelling. 

Lisa shares her 5 C’s of Compelling Storytelling™ framework based on the Hero’s Journey. 

Lisa will show you how to mine, refine and polish your everyday stories and turn them into a compelling strategic narrative. 

Anyone can tell a story as it is natural to us, but not everyone can tell a story well. This session can be delivered as a conference session, in-house masterclass or interactive workshop.

This program is ideal for:

  • Senior leaders who want to be master communicators
  • Business owners who want to be more profitable
  • Not-for-profit organizations who want to make an impact
The audience will leave with:
  • A framework to apply to any story that can be used for business communication
  • Ways to engage and inspire their listeners with compelling storytelling techniques
  • New ways to present material so that it sticks
  • Alternatives to Death by Powerpoint and reading aloud.

Lisa’s specialty is business storytelling. She lives and breathes stories. As a certified speaker coach and keynote speaker, she helps others share their stories on stages and conferences. Her keynote speaker content is based on her own lifetime of stories. Lisa has developed a simple framework to suit any story and plenty of practical strategies to help people turn their everyday experiences into a powerful narrative so they can speak confidently about their business

With a 20 plus year career as a health professional and an MBA, Lisa turned to speaking later in life. She is the author of three books and is highly regarded in Australia as a storytelling expert. She has been engaged to work with brands and businesses including: Beyond Bank, Bank of Queensland, BHP Billiton, City of Bassendean, AusIMM, CPA Australia, Woodside, Westpac, Mercy Care, Cancer Council Western Australia, CSIRO, Department of Defense and the City of Joondalup.

What others say:

Lisa not only tells her story to inspire others, but she also teaches people how to tell their story powerfully.

Darren La Croix
Certified Speaking Professional, World Champion Speaker.

Lisa is an incredibly encouraging and experienced speaking coach. From speech writing and speech structure, to messaging, voice, stage mapping and movement, Lisa was able to assist in every aspect of my speech. She undoubtedly empowered me to give my best speech yet; to an international audience of 1,000 people. I also found her book very useful; it proposed some techniques I'd never considered, despite having spoken publicly for a number of years. I would highly recommend Lisa to aspiring and professional speakers, and I look forward to working together again in the future

Shelley Cable
Presenter to the United Nations, Young Australian of the Year Finalist 2018

I'd recently attended Lisa Evans' Speaking Savvy Storytelling Workshop as part of the preparation for TEDxUWA 2018, where I was a speaker and Lisa was a coach. It was a great workshop and Lisa's style and tools helped us learn techniques on how to tell better stories. I'd followed this up with a one-on-one session with Lisa to further work on my TED talk. I'd successfully delivered my talk over the weekend and I'd like to thank Lisa for her help and support in the lead up to the TEDx event. If you've got a story to tell, get in touch with Lisa!

Conrad Pires
Space Engineer, Futurist, TEDx Speaker

I had the privilege of attending one of Lisa Evans SpeakingSavvy's storytelling events last weekend and I was blown away. Lisa creates a safe, warm environment where everyone felt comfortable to share their stories. Her tools and concepts are so simple and yet so powerful. Not only does she unleash the storyteller within you by giving you tools to see your own stories. She also gives you a very simple structure to follow to help your audience relate to your story. In addition to Lisa's beautiful energy, I found that the small group of participants worked really well and I was inspired by each and everyone's story and energy. If you think you may have a story to tell, make sure you attend one of her events. Lisa will free your inner storyteller

Gry Stene
Tech Whisperer, TEDx Speaker