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Keynote Speaker – Lisa Evans

As your keynote speaker I will engage, energise and inspire your audience.

I’m known by many as ‘The Story Midwife©’, and I am a Certified Speaking Professional, TEDx Speaker Coach, Business Storytelling Consultant, Improvisation Actor, Host of the Business Chat Podcast, Radio Show Presenter and four times author.

After working as a midwife for over 20 years, I now help bring stories into the world. I am a Certified Speaking Professional and Certified Virtual Presenter 

All my keynote speaking topics can be delivered online as a virtual presentation. For virtual conference speaking, I will speak from a professional studio. As your keynote speaker, or in a breakout or workshop session, I will show you how to feel empowered and share your authentic voice to step up, speak up and get noticed.

As a keynote speaker I have spoken to audiences in Australia, UK, Europe, USA, Dubai and Asia. I offer engaging keynote speaking and conference topics. If you require a tailored session that adds value to your conference or professional development day, I have the experience and expertise to create one.

I can be a guest speaker at your event via an online platform or face to face in Perth.

Finding a purpose

Sometimes the detour turn out to be the scenic route.

I had a career I loved as neonatal intensive care midwife, when life sent me on a detour. A virus destroyed a significant amount of my hearing and I could no longer work as a midwife.

I struggled to come to terms with hearing loss. My confidence plummeted and I became afraid to speak up.

My fate changed when I got the chance to take part in a research trial to get a cochlear implant. Learning to hear again led me to my transformational journey to becoming a professional speaker.

My expertise lies in empowering leaders to harness the power of business storytelling to inspire and entertain their audiences.

As a keynote speaker, I can share with your delegates how to step up and speak with confidence and leverage the power of storytelling.

Keynote speaker topic – The Scenic Route

When life sent me on a detour from the journey I had mapped out,  I turned to my strengths and resilience to forge a new career.

In learning to hear again using a cochlear implant, I discovered my voice and a passion to help others speak with confidence. 

As one of Australia’s leading public speaking coaches and business storytelling experts, I help people create an impact through speaking and storytelling. 


This keynote is ideal for:

  • ​Groups who want to hear a story about not letting adversity get in the way of success.
  • Business leaders who are faced with a re-imagination of themselves and their future.
  • Community groups who want to hear a female speaker who has discovered the power of purpose and is making a difference.

    The audience will leave with:

    • Inspiring stories on how embracing challenges can lead to discovering a life purpose.
    • An entertaining talk that draws on storytelling with a universal message.
    • A unique look at diversity and difference, and how to embrace your uniqueness.


    Keynote speaker topic – Speak up Stand out

    Discover how you can be speak so that others want to listen. –In my work as a certified speaking and storytelling coach, I help leaders to speak with confidence, clarity and charisma. 

    I work with leaders globally, helping them boldly deliver high stakes presentations with compelling business storytelling. 

    I share practical tips on the art and science of speaking and business storytelling, how to avoid the trap of ‘talking head’ speaking, and drowning-by-PowerPoint. 

    This program is ideal for:

    • Leaders who want to stand out in their communication skills.
    • Business owners who want to leverage guest speaking.
    • Not-for-profits who want to use the power of storytelling.

    The audience will take away

    • A ROCK template for creating a presentation.
    • Ways to incorporate effective body-language
    • Alternative ways to present avoiding drowning by PowerPoint.


    Keynote speaker topic – The Story of You

    Find the stories from the rich tapestry of your life that will inspire others.

    I am known as The Story Midwife. I help people from all walks of life bring their stories into the world. 

    I believe we all have stories worth sharing. In this interactive session, I will show you how to turn your life events into compelling stories that inspire others and make a positive difference. 

    This topic is ideal as a 90-minute interactive session to include story mining exercises and story sharing activities. It can be tailored to 45-minutes or delivered as a storytelling masterclass.

    This session is perfect for:

    • Groups who want to share their story to inspire others.
    • Change makers who want to make an impact with a message.
    • Groups who want to learn business storytelling.

    The audience will leave with:

    • Ideas and tools to mine, refine and polish a story.
    • A five part storytelling framework the 5 C’s of Compelling Storytelling.
    • Plenty of ideas on how to turn everyday stories into compelling material.
    • Ways to captivate an audience with story performance. 

    Keynote speaker topic – Storytelling for Leaders:

    Anyone can tell a story, but not everyone can tell a story well. Great leaders learn how to do both.

    Harness the best kept secret leadership communication tool. I share the 5 C’s of Compelling Business Storytelling™ framework. 

    I will show you how to mine, refine and polish your everyday stories and turn them into a compelling strategic narrative. 

    This session can be delivered as a conference session, in-house masterclass or interactive workshop.

    This program is ideal for:

    • Leaders who want to master business storytelling.
    • Business owners who want to build their brand via speaking. 
    • Not-for-profits who want to make a greater impact.

    The audience will leave with:

    • A story framework that can be used for business presentations.
    • Ways to engage and inspire with compelling storytelling techniques.
    • Alternatives to ‘Death by PowerPoint’ and reading aloud.

    I live and breathes stories. My specialty is business storytelling. As a certified public speaking and business storytelling coach and a keynote speaker, I help others share their stories on stages and at conferences. My content as a keynote speaker is based on my lifetime of adventures. 

    I have developed a simple framework to suit any story. I provide plenty of practical strategies to help people turn their everyday experiences into a powerful narrative, so they can speak confidently about their businesses.

    With a 20+ year career as a health professional, I turned to speaking later in life.

    I am the author of four books and regarded in Australia as a business storytelling expert.

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    I can also engage remote teams with interactive workshops and virtual keynote presentation experiences – ask me how.

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