Microphone tips for guest speaking on podcasts

You’ve been invited to be a guest on a podcast (or radio interview), great news. Here are some super simple microphone tips for sounding your best if you are being interviewed.

Every speaker, every microphone and every situation is different. These are very general mic tips and apply to when you are in the studio with a podcast or radio host.

Microphone tip #1 – Bring the microphone to you

Sit or stand comfortably and then bring the microphone towards you. Aim to have your ears aligned with your shoulders. If you extend your head in towards the mic, your chin will jut out, your neck will stretch, and your pitch will change, so avoid this by moving towards the mic until you are positioned about a fist-width away. 

Microphone tip #2 – Let the mic do its job

The microphone will carry your voice, and you don’t have to exert any effort for this to happen. There is no need to raise your voice or strain. You can test the mic before your interview. Speak at a level that you would during a relaxed conversation. Your podcast or radio host can adjust your volume accordingly. 

Microphone tip #3 – Be aware of plosives

Plosives are those pesky popping sounds. Certain sounds will pop if you are speaking directly into the microphone. Popping plosives include t,d,p,k,b,g.

The sounds that pop the most are the unvoiced plosives, the t,p, and k. It’s irritating to listen to a speaker ‘pop’ continuously.

If you speak across the mic rather than directly into it, there will be less air pressure pushed into the mic, and the plosive sounds will reduce. Sounding better already!

Microphone tip #3 – Avoid dry mouth noises

If you are not well hydrated, clicking, snapping noises from your mouth will be picked up by the mic as you speak and then amplified.

Nervousness causes a dry mouth, so you need to up your fluid intake well before the interview. Aim to hydrate several hours before the interview.

Pro tip: having some balm on your lips, my favourite is paw paw lip balm, will help your lips glide and prevent lip-smacking noises. 

Microphone tip #5 – Warm-up your voice and body

A simple body warm-up to get centred and reduce tension will help you feel relaxed and ready. Vocal warm-up is important and doesn’t have to be long or arduous, some quick lip trills, jaw and face massage, and some quick tongue twisters

In this blog series, I’m sharing simple tips to make your guest speaking experience an enjoyable one. Other blogs in the series are: how to find guest speaking opportunities on podcasts and radio and how to be an ideal podcast (or radio) guest.

Lisa Evans is the host of the Business Chat Podcast, a weekly conversation with an inspiring leader in business. She is also the co-host of In Good Company, a weekly radio show on 89.7FM Perth

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